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Magicians And Looters Is An Xbox Indie Gem

I’m usually always poking around at various indie games on the Xbox Live Marketplace. While I really should write up about a lot more of my favourites, there’s definitely one recent addition that Metroidvania fans should check out. The demo […]


Cursed Loot Is A Treasure To Pick Up!

I’m always poking away at Xbox Lives indie section for treasures like Cursed Loot, and this is a fun title especially for such cost as a dollar (well 80msp). The game is at first just another take on the classic […]


Open World Zombie Game State Of Decay Now On XBLA

I’d heard of State Of Decay quite a bit ago and unfortunately it fell of my radar until I saw the release on XBLA yesterday. Eager to see how the game turned out, I set aside the title I had […]


Survive On An Alien Moon In XenoMiner

XenoMiner is a voxel based game similar to Minecraft that I’ve been playing recently. I figured I’d continue my voxel news from my last article on the VoxelFarm engine with this article about a game I’ve grown quite fond of. […]


Scott Pilgrim Multiplayer DLC Still Underway?

UPDATE: Ubisoft has informed us that the DLC is actually being released March 12th! Tomorrow! It’s been awhile since the Wallace Wells and Multiplayer DLC Pack for Ubisoft’s Scott Pilgrim was announced last summer. According to a tweet from Brian […]


NiGHTS into DREAMS… | Review

Much like listening in on someone’s dreams, NiGHTS into Dreams… is endlessly fascinating to those experiencing it but incomprehensible to anyone listening in. First released on the Sega Saturn 16 years ago, NiGHTS (hencforth just Nights for the sake of […]


Darkstalkers Digital Collection Announced, Teaser Shown

Kicking off New York Comic Con with a scare, Capcom announced plans to release a collection of titles from their monster button masher Darkstalkers series for digital release in early 2013, and continued to fan the flames of a full […]


Mark of the Ninja to get Steam Release October 16

Did Mark of the Ninja sneak by you when it released last month on XBLA? Well the 2D stealth hit is about to make an apperance on PC, via the ninja distribution platform of choice Steam. Klei got in touch with Rock, Paper, […]


Sonic Adventure 2 & Nights into Dreams Release October 2nd

Sega continues their recent trend of releasing HD ports of previous generation classics with the release of Sonic Adventure 2 HD and Nights into Dreams HD early next month. Both of these games will be available individually for $9.99 on […]


Joe Danger: The Movie Hits Red Carpet September 14

Joe Danger is coming out of retirement, and the stuntman will take off on his bike (and skis and ATVs and jetpacks) once again on September 14. Fitting for a movie, Hello Games will be deploying their follow-up on a […]


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Gets Console Release Date

Fighting game devolpers Arc System Works are winning over a lot of new fans with their take on the Midnight Channel in Persona 4 Arena but a console release for the return of The Midnight Carnival for Guilty Gear X2 Accent Core Plus is […]


The Expendables 2 Videogame Available Now On XBLA, PSN and PC

Expendables 2 just hit theatres and to coincide with that release the video game is on XBLA, PSN and PC now too! Available for 1200MSP on XBLA or $14.99 for the PSN or PC version, the game features four playable characters from the movies roster. […]


Jet Set Radio Rerelease Tagged For $9.99

Jet Set Radio is set to tear up consoles yet again starting in September! Playstation Plus members are the first to get a chance to pick up the classic skater game on Sept 11th. Non-plus PS3 users will get the game […]


Online Multiplayer and Wallace Wells DLC Coming To Scott Pilgrim

Ubisoft’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World released way back when on August 25, 2010, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will be receiving a new DLC pack this month. This new download, which will cost 400 Microsoft Points, includes […]


Here’s Some New Details About Scourge: Outbreak

If you don’t know what exactly Scourge: Outbreak is, I don’t blame you. I had no clue that it existed until I read an article about it. Scourge: Outbreak is a third-person shooter from a development team called Tragnarion Studios, […]