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E3 2018: Dante and Crew Are Back In Devil May Cry 5

Posted on June 13, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

Get ready for cheesy one liners, fluid chain building combat and an over the top melodramatic story featuring angels, demons and other mythological creatures in Devil May Cry 5. Billed by Capcom as a true sequel to 2008’s Devil May Cry 4, DMC5 marks the first time Capcom has taken the series in-house after a decade hiatus.

The story of DMC5 picks up several years after the last entry – with a demonic invasion looming and the seeds of the Demon Tree starting to take root within Red Grave City, Dante’s younger ally Nero is drawn to investigate this new threat.  Without the power of his demonic arm, Nero must utilize a new mechanical prosthetic (which he can ride like a rocket) to dispatch the forces of hell. Can Nero find Dante in time to stop the oncoming invasion?

Devil May Cry 5 is powered by Capcom’s RE Engine which made it’s debut in last year’s Resident Evil 7. It’ll be directed by Hideki Itsuno and will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in the Spring of 2019.

Reveal Trailer 



Mega Man 11 Confirmed For October 2nd Release With Physical Collector’s Edition

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

Capcom has confirmed that Mega Man 11 will release on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 2nd 2018.  

In the ‘pre-order trailer’ for Nintendo Switch we get several quick looks at various worlds that will be featured in Mega Man 11. In addition to the new gameplay footage the brand new ‘Power Gear’ is revealed – which allows the Blue Bomber to use a powerful overcharged blast. Another new power-up is the ‘Double Gear’ which empowers Mega Man to use two different power-ups at once. 

A physical Collector’s Edition, simply titled the Amiibo Edition, will also be released at GameStop in America. Amiibo Edition will include a brand new special edition Mega Man amiibo, a set of stickers anda physical copy of Mega Man 11. 

Here’s the game’s description as it appeared on Nintendo’s YouTube channel: 

“Mega Man is back! The newest entry in this iconic series blends classic, challenging 2D platforming action with a fresh new visual style. The new Double Gear system boosts Mega Man’s speed and power for a new twist to the satisfying gameplay the series is known for. “ 


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Switch coming to North America on August 28th

Posted on May 13, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo announced today via social media that the hit Capcom game Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, known at Monster Hunter XX in Japan, is finally coming to North America.

The game will be released for the Nintendo Switch in North America on August 28th.

For the first time, gamers have the flexibility to play both local wireless and online multiplayer with up to three other hunters – whether playing at home on the big screen or on the go in handheld or tabletop mode.

Hunters can face off against the series’ largest roster of unique monsters in this nostalgic look back at the series’ beginnings and evolutions. Take on the role of a brave hunter on an adrenaline-fueled adventure challenging larger-than-life beasts. Completing quests will yield valuable resources for crafting countless distinct weapons and equipment fashioned after players’ defeated foes. Along their journey, hunters must defend each of the game’s four villages from major threats known as the Fated Four, plus an even more dangerous new Elder Dragon.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate features a blend of classic gameplay and unique new twists, brand new explorable areas and monsters, plus returning fan-favorites like the lightning fast Zinogre and the stealthy long-tailed Nargacuga. This release introduces a new quest level called “G” rank that features even more formidable versions of familiar foes, truly testing experienced hunters’ battle tactics now with different moves and abilities never before seen in the wild!

For newcomers to the series, the gameplay features tons of powerful super moves called Hunter Arts that can be executed with a quick tap on the touch screen. Players can experiment and choose from six different Hunting Styles including two new ones called Brave Style, which rewards players with new moves for landing successive attacks; and Alchemy Style, a support style that grants the ability to create useful items on the fly during combat. Hunters are encouraged to explore and customize the experience between quests to discover their preferred, highly personalized playstyle.

Players of the original Monster Hunter Generations can transfer save data from the previous title to continue their journey in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


Devil May Cry 1 HD Now Live For Twitch Prime Subscribers

Posted on March 7, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

Twitch has added the much promoted free copy of the Devil May Cry HD to the Twitch Launcher for prime subscribers. To claim the free game all you have to do is head on over to http://www.twitch.tv , click on the crown and under the image of DMC click “add to library”. Like other Twitch Prime rewards, Devil May Cry HD is yours to keep even after your Twitch Prime subscription lapses.

Clearly the gratis copy of DMC1 HD is a move by Capcom to help promote the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection, which will see its releae on PC for the first time on March 13th. Devil May Cry HD Collection includes touched up versions of the 2001 original, the mediocre 2003 sequel Devil May Cry 2  and 2005’s Devil May Cry 3.

Several DMC games have made their way to PC over the years – namely Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition which was originally ported a year after the console release in 2006, Devil May Cry 4 which was released on PC in 2008 and Ninja Theory’s D.M.C reboot in 2013. Both 4 and D.M.C are absent from the upcoming HD Collection but can still be purchased through Steam in their original form.


Sakura Enters The Ring In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Update

Posted on January 23, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

I’ve had a bit of a non-committal history with Capcom’s Street Fighter V. Despite owning the game for nearly two years, I’ve found very little reason to pick up the controller and play beyond some basic exploration of characters and training, that is until recently. The Character specific prologue stories – while welcomed – didn’t really do it for me and getting absolutely DESTROYED online isn’t my cup of tea, so I’ve shied away from the game. With the beginning of Street Fighter V: Season 3, Capcom has added someone that I feel was sorely missing from the roster – my favorite fighter, Sakura. 

Sporting 2 brand new outfits and one retro throwback as part of her complete character package, Sakura brings her Ryu inspired move-set to Capcom’s latest with a lot of flash. Her upbeat attitude and optimism remain in-tact in her SFV incarnation along with a little bit of maturity that comes with growing up. Sakura is no longer the highschool girl lusting after Ryu, and has instead moved on to college (complete with a part-time job). Her new costumes reflect this change in character – Her college outfit is complete with the requisite varsity jacket. Perhaps my favorite of the 3 options is her part time job outfit, which is modeled after the get-up that Capcom Staffers wear while occupying the pop-up Capcom Stores at major convention. It’s a little wink to fans, and it works well! 

I’ve been excited about her return to the franchise and even saved up 90,000 fight money (thanks easy mode Character Stories) so I could buy her right away. She is available as part of the Season 3 character pack ($39.99 CDN), part of the SFV + S3 Character Bundle ($53.99 CDN) or can be purchased individually for $6.99 CDN. Buying Sakura for cash does not provide her 2 alternate costumes (Capcom Store Worker and Classic). Those are purchased separately or as part of the above packs. 


Devil May Cry HD Collection Coming To PS4, Xbox & PC In March 2018

Posted on December 7, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Capcom, not content with reviving the Mega Man franchise to much fan hype and positive coverage, has announced that the Devil May Cry HD Collection will be making its way to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 13th. 

This collection features up-rez’d ports of the 2001 PS2 original Devil May Cry, 2002’s Devil May Cry 2 and 2005’s Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition. All three of these games have enough demon slaying, arcade-style combo action that it’ll make you hungry enough for a slice of pizza (yes, I’m making the obvious DMC 3 references now). 

Greasy Pepperoni Goodness in HD! 

Originally the Devil May Cry HD Collection was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in April 2012. Ninja Theory’s reboot of the franchise D.M.C  was also ported to 8th generation consoles back in 2015 but if recent leaks are to be believed, we could see a continuation of the original white-haired Dante’s story with the announcement of Devil May Cry 5 at The Game Awards later tonight. 

Above: Launch trailer for the 7th generation release of DMC HD Collection from 2012.

Source: Capcom Unity Blog


The Blue Bomber Returns With The Announcement of Mega Man 11

Posted on December 5, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Capcom’s blue bomber will return late next year with the surprise announcement of Megan Man 11 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Sporting a striking modern visual style that sees Mega Man with a new slimmer profile, as well as an overhaul of the overall aesthetics of the long-running franchise. Gone are the NES style retro pixel style featured in Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. In their place is a visual style that marries the large proportion and colorful pallet of classic Mega Man games with current generation 3D graphics. 

Announced during the Mega Man 30th Live-Stream, MM11 isn’t the only new title staring Dr.Light’s greatest creation coming to the Nintendo Switch. The previously released Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will find their way to Nintendo’s first hybrid console.  Both of these collections will hit the Nintendo tablet in the Spring of 2018. Mega Man X, the futuristic SNES spin-off series will see all 8 titles in that franchise released on Switch sometime during Summer 2018.  

Also dropping next summer will be extensive details surrounding Mega Man 11 before the game is released during the second half of 2018. It seems that things just went from “Capcom has abandoned Mega Man” to “crank the hype level past 11” in the span of a single live stream. 

Check out the official trailer, official concept art and several HD screenshots in the media gallery below. 

Debut Trailer

Key Art


Concept Art

Image Source: Capcom PR / Video Source: Youtube


Capcom’s Mobile Puzzle Fighter Is Surprisingly Fun

Posted on November 29, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Puzzle Fighter

Over the weekend I noticed that Capcom’s brand new mobile version of the classic Puzzle Fighter franchise had finally launched on iOS in Canada, giving me the opportunity to finally try it out for myself. As with any free to play title, I was weary of the specter of constant microtransactions, loot boxes and RNG paywalls. Puzzle Fighter is a surprisingly fun little diversion in spite of its monetization and questionable art direction. 

Puzzle Fighter dates back to the 1996 PlayStation Original that featured adorable chibi sprite versions of Street Fighter II fan favorites like Ryu, Chun-Li and E Honda who battled each other using a tacking block mechanic, not unlike the one found in SEGA’s Columns. Puzzle Fighter for mobile retains this gameplay – asking players to stack together similarly colored gems, which then combine into larger crystals when stacked in formations of at least four. Players then must use a special glowing power-up that randomly spawns in place of a brick combination to eliminate lines/squares of colored bricks to pull off an attack against their opponent. Once a player’s health reaches 0, that’s it the round is over – no best of 3 here. 

Unlike the ’96 game, 2017’s Puzzle Fighter is primarily focused on real-time competitive rankings. After completing a very basic tutorial that explains the game’s mechanics, players are given one free fighter (mine was Ryu – and judging from those I’ve played online this is probably going to be yours too) and taught how they can level up their fighters using gold earned at the end of matches.  In total there are 11 different rankings ranging from various incarnations of Bronze, Gold and Silver and the game will allow you to freely try out a placement match in any rank.  

Offline missions are available, but they come at a cost – cooldown timers. Players are allowed to partake in up to 3 matches before being asked to wait a staggering 10 hours for their freebies to reset. Collecting characters and move-sets are also conversely locked behind paid RNG chests which can only be earned through real money purchases. Winning a round in the online mode will grant a player a free trip to E Hond’s restaurant where he is ready to serve up a dining boat of RNG flavored loot. These dining boats of RNGness are said to be able to contain characters but I haven’t come across this – only earning moves and gold so far. Puzzle Fighter isn’t’ limited to just the Street Fighter franchise either, I had one offline mission reward me with Frank West from the Dead Rising franchise. 

I’m having a lot of fun with Puzzle Fighter but I wish its free to play cooldowns and character rewards weren’t paywalled behind RNG loot boxes and Dragon Boats. Mechanically the game is fun and providing unlimited online mode for free players was a wise decision, I’ve lost more than a few hours at a time to Puzzle Fighter in the past few days. It’d be nice to be able to directly purchase the characters I would like or save up enough gold by playing online. Paid RNG loot boxes are manipulated and something I have a hard stance against. If you want to try Puzzle Fighter casually without putting in money, there’s a fun experience to be had. Just watch out for RNG Gacha. 


Monster Hunter World Getting PS Plus Exclusive Beta On December 9th

Posted on October 31, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Monster Hunter World – the first console Monster Hunter game released in North America since 2012’s Monster Hunter 3G on Wii U – will have an exclusive beta for PlayStation Plus members on PS4 & PS4 Pro.  Monster Hunter World’s beta will run from December 9th through the 12th and will feature 3 different quests that can be completed either solo or with a friend.  It will feature the regions of the Great Forrest and Wildspire Wastes. 

Also announced by Capcom during the Paris Games Week PlayStation presentation was an event quest that will see Aloy from Sony’s Horizon Zero Dawn enter the prehistoric world of Monster Hunter. Players will be able to obtain Aloy’s familiar armor from Horizon as well as her bow for use inside MHW. The crossover quest is expected to be release sometime after Monster Hunter World launches on January 26th, 2018. 

[Source 1, Source 2]


Monster Hunter Stories | Review

Posted on October 5, 2017 by Meghan Kass

“When a monster strikes, the fearful hide, but the brave? They ride” So goes what should be the motto of all Hunters, young and old. Long time fans of the beloved Capcom franchise, Monster Hunter, might have been fearful at the idea  of the spin-off “Monster Hunter Stories” when first discovered it would be a fairly large departure from the typical Monster Hunter game they have all come to know and love, but what of those who were brave and gave this Monster a ride? Was “Monster Hunter Stories” a pleasant addition? Or was this a bad egg? A closer look at the game will help you judge if this game is a ride worth taking.

“Monster Hunter Stories” has a completely different gameplay from previous titles. Instead of the real time combat usually associated with Monster Hunter games, Stories offers turn based combat instead. When the players comes against a monster or adversary, you pick from a selection of attacks. You can pick from power, speed or technical attacks and if you are successful in head to head combats with the enemy via a rock, paper, scissors type game you will raise your kinship points and be able to ride your monster and perform a special attack. If you chose to ride without performing a special attack immediately, you can further raise your kinship points and perform an even stronger special attack. Occasionally during battle there is also QTE type events where you must win at butting heads against your opponent by repeatedly tapping the A button. Another event is the air showdown where you press L and R to win and finally we have breath blast that require you to rotate the circle pad quickly. Doing this gains you extra damage and points for your Kinship meter. This may be a compete departure from past Monster Hunter combat but it is a unique, fun and easy going experience.


Another element of gameplay that is new to Monster Hunter is the element of collecting and hatching eggs. Throughout your adventures as a monster rider, you will locate monster nests. These nests contain an assortment of eggs for you to chose from. These eggs can contain herbivore or carnivore monsters and if you collect them, you can hatch them and build up your monster team. Some sub-quests also require particular types of eggs. As with many RPGs, there is a multitude of sidequests you can go on and jobs you can undertake. From collecting the dropped loot from certain monsters, to types of eggs, to specific crafting material there is always something that needs to be done in between main story quests.

The story is cute, even if it is fairly standard for a JRPG. You are a green horn rider and of course, you are now ready to leave your village and see the world. You get caught up in major world changing events and conflict happens within your social circle. It is clear that story was less of a priority than world building and gameplay, but it works for this game. This game aims for easy going fun and it hits the mark. The only minor issue was for non New3DS users, players might have some performance issues, but nothing game breaking as far as my understanding goes. Draw distance has also been a bit of an issue, as even I had the occasional NPC or enemy seemingly sneak up on me as I get closer.

Overall, if you are a fan of cute JRPGs or the Monster Hunter world, this game should be given a chance. It has charm, fun and a sweetness to it that is executed wonderfully. This game could have been a disaster if put into hands that clearly didn’t have a love for the world of Monster Hunter, but luckily the creators of this game showed care and respect for Monster Hunter while putting their own spin on it for a new ride that need not be feared.



Capcom announces Puzzle Fighter for mobile

Posted on August 31, 2017 by Jason Nason

Capcom has announced the sequel to one of the most popular mobile puzzle games of all time with the all new Puzzle Fighter.

Developed by Capcom Vancouver from the ground up, the classic arcade puzzle game gets modernized with a new look and new features for free download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The game will be coming soon for soft-launch in select countries and a global release is planned for late 2017.

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Monster Hunter Stories | IMPRESSIONS

Posted on August 14, 2017 by Jason Nason

When I write these ‘Impressions’ posts about upcoming games they’re almost always based on a pre-release demo edition of a game. They’re meant to be somewhat of a preview of the game as usually demos give you a taste of the gameplay and mechanics so you’ll know what to expect going into a game. More than just watching some gameplay online it’s a way to get a hands on with the game.

Rarely am I as impressed with a game based on a demo as I am with Monster Hunter Stories. This game is beatutiful.

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Resident Evil Revelations comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One August 29, Late 2017 on Nintendo Switch

Posted on August 1, 2017 by Jason Nason

Now updated for current generation consoles, acclaimed survival horror title Resident Evil Revelations is making its way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2017. The game features longtime veterans Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they investigate the reportedly abandoned “Queen Zenobia” cruise ship.

This new version will feature a smoother 1920×1080 resolution, an improved framerate, increased environmental detail and refined creature movement, defining the best-looking version of the game to date. All previously released downloadable content is also included in the game as unlockable rewards.

Resident Evil Revelations was originally a Nintendo 3DS title and was released in February 2012. A home console re-release of the game followed in May 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii U.

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Monster Hunter Stories coming September 8th; demo out next week

Posted on July 31, 2017 by Jason Nason

Nintendo announced today that upcoming adventure game Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo 3DS family of systems launches on September 8th. And while there is no official word the accompanying amiibo will also likely be released at the same time.

The game features turn-based battles, a departure for the series. Here’s the synopsis for the game:

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Search For The Infinity Stones In The Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Story Demo

Posted on June 14, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Fighting fans can go hands-on with Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite a full three months before its’ official release this September thanks to the surprise release of the Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Story Demo exclusively on PlayStation 4.  The universes of Marvel and Capcom once again collide due to the use of two of the Infinity Stones by “Ultron SIgma” – a fusion of the Marvel villain Ultron and Mega Man antagonist Sigma.  Heroes and villains from both universes will have to band together in-order to stop this ultimate fusion from destroying reality itself. 

Team battles return from previous entries in the Marvel Vs Capcom series, however with the release of infinite Capcom is going back to the series roots by paring teams back to 2 Vs 2 rather than the 3 Vs 3 team compositions that made their debut in Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Rather than using predetermined partner assist attacks that are dependent on a player’s chosen characters – instead Infinite allows a player to call in their back-up at any time, even during long animations. In theory this means that chaining together combos between characters should be easier.  Hyper combos are also no longer activated by inputting a specific set of commands, but simply by pressing two of the face buttons on the Dualshock controller. It is clear that MVC: Infinite shakes up the established formula by changing the amount of total characters, drastic changes to controls + inputs and the removal of pre-canned assist abilities.  

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite‘s Story Demo is now available on the PlayStation Store. The full version will be released on September 15th for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. As of the writing of this article there have been 24 confirmed characters on both sides combined with more expected to be revealed soon. 

Confirmed Capcom Characters:

  • Arthur
  • Chris Redfield
  • Chun-Li
  • Dante
  • Megaman X
  • Morrigan
  • Nathan Spencer
  • Ryu
  • Strider
  • Zero

Confirmed Marvel Characters:

  • Black Panther
  • Captain America
  • Doctor Strange
  • Gamora
  • Hawkeye
  • Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Nova
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Thanos
  • Thor
  • Ultron

Full 23 Minute Demo Footage

Official Trailer 

Official Screenshots


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