Cursed Loot Is A Treasure To Pick Up!

I’m always poking away at Xbox Lives indie section for treasures like Cursed Loot, and this is a fun title especially for such cost as a dollar (well 80msp). The game is at first just another take on the classic Rogue gameplay of searching through a dungeon, leveling your character, and fighting mosters most of the time by bumping into them to attack.

However, Eyehook Games adds multiple choice role playing moments and even a coin rush side scroller section that really add some extra fun to the original formula. There’s even a slot machine! The game consists of a randomly generated 50 floor dungeon and 6 playable character classes. There’s tons of loot to find, including as the title indicates, cursed loot that you need to use a scroll to remove from your character. The trick is too, just like classic Rogue, you only have one life! Read on for the trailer.

You’ll battle, you’ll level up, and you’ll explore a variety of dungeon settings. Definitely a title worth checking out. I even had a friend over, and she wanted me to play the game just to enjoy the role playing moments and to see more of the dungeons.

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