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Microsoft and Fez Creator Clash Over Patch

Microsoft and Polytron, the developers behind the recently released Fez, are at a standstill when it comes to issuing a patch to correct a save-data corrupting glitch. Now that both companies have issued statements on the matter we have a […]


Marvel Vs Capcom Goes Back In Time With MVC: Origins

Get ready to restart the Clash of Heroes with the release of Marvel Vs Capcom: Origins for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this week. Origins is actually a compilation title comprised of Marvel Super Hereos and MVC Clash […]


Haunt Free On XBLA For The Next Few Days

Microsoft has released a brand-new section on the US dashboard called ‘Kinect Central’. To celebrate they’ve released Kinect Xbox live arcade title “Haunt” for free until now until July 2nd. If you live in the US and want a free […]


Here Is The Next Two Weeks of XBLA Releases

With the Summer of Arcade coming it’s hard to overlook some of the games that will be released before the promotion begins. Both Jeremy McGrath Offroad Racing and Square Enix’s Mini Ninja Adventures will be available later this week for […]


SEGA Reveals JSR HD’s Soundtrack

SEGA has revealed the final soundtrack for this summer’s re-release of the vibrant graffiti game, Jet Set Radio. The original was known not only for its colorful pallet and use of cell shading but also its use of upbeat J-POP […]


Tony Hawk HD’s Soundtracks Transports Us Back To 2000

Activision is set to take the Tony Hawk franchise back to its roots with this summer’s Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD. The game revisits a simpler time when racking up a high score and collecting letters actually meant something. Gameplay […]


Awesomenauts invade May 1st (or 2nd)

Awesomenauts, a 2D 3-vs-3 side-scrolling MOBA variant, is set to launch on PSN on May 1 and XBLA on May 2. Developed by Ronimo Games, this downloadable title charges players with the task of assaulting their enemy’s Core while defending […]