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Surprise! Razer Cortex and Other Software Have Been Spying On You For A Long Time

With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into effect today a number of tech companies have been quick to abandon older versions of the software, discontinue services entirely or just simply block EU users from accessing their […]


Razer Announces Successor To The Popular Black Widow Chroma Keyboard

Peripheral manufacturer Razer has announced the successor to their very success BlackWidow Chroma keyboard with the introduction of the aptly named BlackWidow Chroma V2, which will replace the original at retail. This improved keyboard brings with it some smaller improvements that […]


PS4 Pro Announced at PlayStation Meeting

Sony officially unveiled the much-rumored PS4 Pro at today’s PlayStation Meeting. The PS4 Neo improves performance and offers higher resolution graphics. A new, slimmer base model will accompany the PS4 Pro’s launch in November. Sony’s Mark Cerny demoed the console’s 4K […]


Powerhouse GeForce 10 GPUs Headline New Line of AORUS Laptops

We’ve written quite a bit about the desktop iterations of Nvidia’s next-generation GeForce 10 line of graphics cards but now the first laptops with the mobile versions of these GPUs are about to hit the market. Laptop manufacturer AORUS has […]


Roccat SOVA Hardware Review

Review by: J. C. Campbell The Roccat Sova is a handsome black illuminated PC keyboard and mouse pad for your lap. It’s designed to deliver the same control you’d expect from a normal desktop setup, but in your lap. Either […]


Nintendo announces Mini Collector’s Edition NES

Its what you always wanted right? Ok, maybe not. But its a good start. After the success of Pokemon Go it seems Nintendo have decided that cashing in on nostalgia will be their business strategy. I am not at all […]


Turtle Beach announces Elite Pro headset at E3 2016

I don’t usually consider the thing that sits on my head while I am gaming a premium piece of hardware. Usually it’s just whatever headphones I use for editing video or audio. Turtle beach wants to change that with their […]


Xbox One Slim leaks before E3

Xbox seems to have been scooped. Despite there being a tight wrap on their supposed hardware announcements tomorrow at their press conference, at least one photo of a new Xbox Slim has leaked. The post first appeared on Neogaff but has since […]


AMD’s $199 Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card is VR-Ready

Welp, its a good year for graphics cards. First we have the whole set of NVida 10xx cards which are more powerful than the current hi end 1000$ cards that with a price point of about half. Now it seems […]


Nacon’s New E-Sports Focused Controller Aims To Bring Precision To Players

Competitive E-Sports are dominated by the use of the classic Keyboard and Mouse even at the highest levels of play. Naccon hopes to change this with their PC-centric, E-sports focused Nacon GC-400ES controller. A crowd funding campaign to make this […]


Lucid Sound wants to reinvent gaming heaphones

How many times have you been out while wearing your gaming headphones and thought “I bet I look pretty un-professional”? If you answered yes to this question Lucid Sound has the answer. Found by a series of alumni from Triton […]


AMD releases new dual GPU, GPU Radeon Pro Duo

AMD is coming out swinging this year. Their latest line of Radeon cards, the Fiji line, have put up a serious competitor to NVidia that hasnt been seen in the last 4 or 5 years. Now they have entered the […]


AMDs Next Generation GPU Architecture Codenamed “Polaris”

AMD’s next round of graphics cards, presumably to be released under the Radeon 400 series moniker, will be powered by the company’s next generation architecture codenamed “Polaris”. Currently AMD’s graphics cards, as well as the graphics processors used in the […]


2016 and Gaming: A Year in Preview

As we’re closing in on the end of one year and getting ready to start the next, a lot of people are reflecting on the year that’s past and others are looking at the year to come. I’m one of […]


PS4 To Recieve price Cut In Europe

It often seems that with consoles Europe gets left in the dust, so it usually comes as no surprise when months after a US price decrease the same thing is finally applied to Europe. Such is the case again with […]