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Nacon’s New E-Sports Focused Controller Aims To Bring Precision To Players

Competitive E-Sports are dominated by the use of the classic Keyboard and Mouse even at the highest levels of play. Naccon hopes to change this with their PC-centric, E-sports focused Nacon GC-400ES controller. A crowd funding campaign to make this […]


2016 and Gaming: A Year in Preview

As we’re closing in on the end of one year and getting ready to start the next, a lot of people are reflecting on the year that’s past and others are looking at the year to come. I’m one of […]


Welcome To Broken Joysticks

First off, welcome to Broken Joysticks. The secretive cabal behind this fine website is unified by a mutual love for videogames. We wish to spread the love as it were, blessing acolytes for their devotion to gaming. The people behind […]


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Offers Players Full Control of The Field

Konami announced the next entry in the Pro Evolution Soccer series for release this fall. The2013 edition of PES promises to include changes influenced by the series’ earlier games. In addition for the first time in the franchise’s history players will be […]


007 Legends Celebrates 50 Years of Shaken Martinis

After the successful port of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded to the Xbox 360 and PS3 this past fall Activision has announced 007 Legends for release this fall. The publisher is touting Legends as a celebration of the past 50 years of […]


Bethesda Announces The Elder Scrolls: Assassin’s Creed

Okay, not really but that is what a lot of people are going to think when they watch the announcement trailer for Arkane Studio’s Dishonored, a first person sci-fi action game. What we know about the story is that your […]


Tekken Tag 2 Roundhouses Its Way To 360 and PS3 This Fall

Fans of the Tekken series won’t have to wait long for the next entry in the franchise. The long in development Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be released for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this September the publisher […]