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LucidSound LS30 Universal Gaming Headset: Review

Review by: J. C. Campbell This Year at E3 I had the pleasure of meeting up with Alex Verrey of LucidSound, and he gave me a pair of their brand new LS30’s to take home and use. Since then I […]


E3 2016: Lucid Sound Heaphones Ears-On

Lucid is hoping to change the landscape of affordable gaming focused headsets that were the focus of the companies’ E3 2016 offerings. Consisting of the readily available LS30 headphones and the upcoming LS40 & LS50 headsets, LiquidSound is poised to […]


Lucid Sound wants to reinvent gaming heaphones

How many times have you been out while wearing your gaming headphones and thought “I bet I look pretty un-professional”? If you answered yes to this question Lucid Sound has the answer. Found by a series of alumni from Triton […]