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Huge Halo 5: Forge Update With Custom Games Browser Now Live

Posted on December 9, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

343 Industries has released the highly anticipated Monitor’s Bounty update for Halo 5: Forge on PC and Halo 5: Guardians that features among other changes, the ability to search for custom games via both games’ multiplayer options.

The titular Forge Mode gets a significant update with the Forge Scripting update allowing creators to make some truly innovative and amazing game modes. Action Target allows forgers to modify up to sixty four objects all at once using a variety of different filters to select just the ones that they want to modify. Forgers also have the ability to modify how their Forge Scripts are executed with the new script action flags – these can be activated the Map, Object or Script level.

Here is a video tour 343i outlined in regards to the Forge specific changes that Monitor’s Bounty brings:

Collectors of Halo 5’s REQ cards should be happy to know that Monitor’s bounty adds a selection of new weapons for Warzone, two new WASP variations and a new set of unlockable armor for player Spartans as well.

New Weapons:

  • M313 Grenade Launcher
  • Pro Pipe

New Vehicles:

  • Hannibal WASP

New Customization Pieces:

  • Icarus Helmet
  • Icarus Body Armor

Don’t forget that even players of Halo 5: Forge can use the Halo Waypoint website to unlock new customization parts for their Spartan – even if the other cards for modes like Warzone are irrelevant for PC only players.


Probably the most requested feature from players of the Halo 5: Forge edition on PC has been the ability to find custom games. This has been a feature that 343i promised back in September and fans have been waiting months for its inclusion.

The Custom Games Browser isn’t traditional matchmaking – instead of having an algorithm form groups of similarly skilled players and then creating a match the Custom Games Browser allows you to see any games that are open to the public and have already been started. Once players join an in-progress match they’ll automatically be added to the hosts FireTeam so that groups of players can stay together between rounds.

Here is how the devs describe the new Custom Games Browser:

Halo 5 players on Xbox One and Windows 10 will have a new way to find matches and teammates with the addition of the join-in-progress Custom Games Browser. This new browser enables players to search for in-progress games from the main menu and utilizes the Content Browser to filter for any map or mode your heart desires.


It feels like I’ve barely scratched the surface about the changes and additions that Monitor’s Bounty brings to the Halo 5 multiplayer experience. Stuff like brand new maps for Warzone, detailed information on the new Forge Mode mini-games and the new premium Req packs are all available on 343’s Halo Waypoint site. If you’re downloading the PC update the file-size is just over 8GB so be prepared to wait a little bit.

Here’s hoping that Halo 5: Forge has a large and long lasting community thanks to the Custom Games Browser.


Halo 5 Forge Mode To Be Released On Windows 10 On Sept 8th

Posted on August 29, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Microsoft is about to make good on its promise to bring Halo 5: Guardians’ world building Forge Mode to Windows 10 PC on September 8th. Skybox Labs helped MS & 343 bring this previously Xbox One exclusive mode to the PC with the full toolset available across both platforms. Alongside existing content this latest update brings new weapons, new maps and new map attachments.

Forge creators on Windows 10 can use keyboard and mouse to ensure that their creations are accurate, something that can be difficult when using a controller. This isn’the only addition that Windows creators will get to enjoy but also full multiplayer matches with up to 16 friends and a content browser that pulls content from both platforms.

Here is how Microsoft described the additions in Halo 5: Guardians Forge mode for Windows 10:

“with support for mouse and keyboard for highly refined object placement and manipulation, higher-resolution displays (including 4k) for stunning graphic fidelity, the ability to host and play custom matches for up to 16 players, and a new content browser that spans platforms. Creators will be able to download levels from the Forge community created on both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.”

Two new weapons will be available on both Xbox One and Windows PC – “Mercy” and “Temple”. The first map is aimed at the competitive arena scene while the second is an expansion on the Warzone Assault concept.

As Microsoft wrote in their press release:

“With the addition of “Mercy”, a new battleground is open for competitive Arena players, while “Temple” brings the desert environment of Sanghelios to Warzone Assault modes.”

Several screenshots of Forge for Windows 10 were released alongside the September 8th date. Will you be trying out Forge on Windows 10? Let us know in the comments!

Halo 5 Forge Fathom Strongholds

Halo 5 Forge Fathom Strongholds

Halo 5 Forge Rig Battle

Halo 5 Forge Rig Battle

Halo 5 Forge Tidal Setup

Halo 5 Forge Tidal Setup


Halo 5 Forge Used to Create Star Wars Hoth Map

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Halo’s Forge mode has always been powerful, and its latest installment is keeping up the tradition, with Halo 5 giving players an unprecedented set of tools and palettes to work with. As always the community has gotten hold of forge mode and made some truly amazing things, including tributes to lots of other games. One user inparticular has re-created the iconic snow battle of Hoth from the Star Wars franchise. An imgur user by the name of Bearskopff posted a gallery of the Hoth map in Halo 5. It features a massive AT-AT walker, which took up almost half of the object limit allowed in Forge.hothHalo5

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Halo 5 Live Stream Event Reveals New DLC

Posted on November 22, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Halo 5 ‘s developers 343i promised myriad DLC for their newest entry in to the Halo 5 franchise, and it seems that the first wave of that promise has been delivered. 343 already announced in a blog post that they would be releasing the much improved forge mode in December, it now seems that we will get even more content in December. Design and Trend (a website that follows all things design and game) noticed the new DLC “hidden” in the forge mode video


A still from the video reveals new armor and weapon skins

Thats the classic rocket launcher right there the SPANKR in all its glory. That single still appears at the tail end of an over two hour devlog about the game’s forge mode, by the end of which most people will no doubt have tuned out. The few frames seems to show the old rocket launcher (an addition many people would be happy to see) Also returning are the Mk4 armor (from halo 3)

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Some Halo 5 Pre-loads Downloaded the wrong file

Posted on October 22, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

It is not often that we find Microsoft apologizing for an issue with one of their flagship games, it comes as a supirse when Microsoft announced that a place holder file may be all people who downloaded Halo 5 guardiands got this week. If you use the instant on feature, and pre-ordered you may have ended up getting burned on this one. Though Microsoft says  only a “small number of players” are effected.

People who downloaded this stub file will need to delete it and reinstall the right one. You can check to see if you installed the stub file by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to My games & apps
  2. Sort your game collection by selecting Installed à Sort by size
  3. If your Halo 5: Guardians game size is greater than 40 GB, you’ve got the correct version
  4. If your Halo 5: Guardians game size is less than 40 GB, you’ve got an incorrect stub file.

if you got the incorrect file you will need to re-install.

story via Halo waypoint


I’m Playing Halo 5: Guardians TONIGHT On Twitch

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Les Major

Hey BroJo fans! It’s been a long time! I’ve definitely have a treat for you though!The fantastic people at Microsoft have given me advanced access to Halo 5! That’s right, and tonight you’ll get to see three exciting early missions, and one later battle. Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping spoilers to a minimum. The game itself doesn’t release until October 27th, so this is quite the early release! Naturally our review is on the way as well, but we’re still under embargo to maintain our excitement.

We will be live at 9pm EST over on DegiGames Twitch channel playing the highly anticipated release by 343 Industries!

This is not a joke! This is not a drill! Halo 5: Guardians will be live tonight on our Twitch stream! Don’t miss out!


Everything you need to know about Halo 5 multiplayer

Posted on October 17, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Halo 5 is just 10 days away (review copies are allready out and if you want to see the first part of the campaign its on the web) and 343 are starting to give out massive details on the games multiplayer. New news today includes the games ban policy, a list of medals, the skill matching system and more!

First is a question many players have been asking since day 1, what about the ban system? 343 will track the following in a effort to make bans fair and effective

  • Quitting matches
  • Betrayals or team killing
  • Idling (AFK)
  • Intentional suicides
  • Excessive disconnects

The post details a system of temporary bans that will be metered out to players who engage in these toxic behaviors. This is the first time any Halo game has had this type of system and I for one am extremely great full. The blog post goes on to say “The duration of each ban is dependent on the offense and becomes more severe with each successive infraction, so continually killing your teammates to steal the Sniper Rifle will quickly lead to long time-out from matchmade play,” This is similar to systems that exist in other games with more toxic communities, and will in my opinion bring some much-needed law to the games multiplayer.

Other major announced details include

  • You will never join a match in progress except for warzone (30+ minute games need some drop in)
  • Competitive Skill ranking is in the game. Like most current multiplayer focused games, Halo 5 will make you play a series of placement matches when first going online, these will determine your ranking which will go up and down based on the seven color ranks in the game (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Onyx, and Champion. See the blog post here for full details.)
  • The match making algorithm will prioritize “quality above all else” what this means is un-known., but it is speculated that it means it will try to find people in your same exact rank before matching you with better or worse player.
  • There will be seasons

The top two ranks will work much differently than the bottom 5, the blog post says

“Once you reach Onyx, you will be shown your raw CSR score,” 343 said. “Winning no longer increases your tier–it instead increases your CSR score. This allows you to compare yourself with greater precision to other players within the Onyx rank. If you establish yourself as one of the top 200 players in a playlist, you will earn the highly coveted rank of Champion and be shown your place within the top 200.”

this is similar to how other ELO systems work, expect this top tier to be mostly occupied by professional Halo players, with a few lucky (and skillful) folks also competing.
Check out the ranks emblems in the gallery below.

Commendations are also making a return, the will work about the same way as they did in Halo 5, primarily there to drive up your EXP in a fun, quest like way. There will a total of 5 tiers and each will reward with different amounts of EXP

“Every tier of a commendation rewards XP,” the blog post said. “Completing tier 3 of a commendation rewards a bonus REQ Pack with boosts and other single-use REQs. The 5th tier of every commendation unlocks a pack containing a specific emblem. This allows a player to flaunt their reward and let everyone know via that emblem and the corresponding back plate that they have put the time in and had the skill required to finish the commendation.”

Medals will also be making their return (this should surprise no one). They will be changed a little but as they will now be focused more on earning req points, and highlighting incredible feats, or helping with objectives (no more double kill medals?). 343 said they wanted to “preserve the classic feel of the legacy medals while giving all of our Medals a fresh new look.” Take a look at some of the new designs the full is available in the blog here. Halo 5 releases on October 27th and is available for pre-load now.




Halo 5’s Stats API Will Be Available to Everyone

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Its been a big day for Halo 5 announcements today, 343I started the day off by telling us what multiplayer modes will be included in Halo 5 at launch. Then kep the news train rolling with a the announcement that they will open the games application program interface (API) to the general public. This Means that anyone with application programming experience can now integrate the games stats in to their application. The API will give access to

  • Service Record (Life-to-date stats for each player)
  • Match History (Access to each match played)
  • Carnage Report (Complete statistical breakdown for each player in a match)

343 previously had stated that giving players access to their game data was “top priority” and their most recent statement said “Giving the community the ability to compile stats will allow developers to craft their own statistical story and experiences”

The API is currently in private beta. 343 is reportedly working with several  private organizations including gaming leagues such as the ESL and MLG, as well as community sites like Halo Charts and Halo Tracker. “We know you’ll surprise and delight us with inventive and unexpected uses, and we can’t wait to see what you develop and share with the Halo community later this year and beyond,” 343 said.




Editorial: What’s in a game, how DLC stops me from buying what I love

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

After playing the Star Wars Battlefront beta I was 100% sold on purchasing the game. I planned to order the game through origin and pre-load to play day 1. Then came the announcement of a 50$ season pass DLC. I immediately found myself stuck in a major conundrum.  I am HUGE Star Wars fan girl, my love for the franchise extends far beyond the movies in to games, books, and even comics. So Battlefront should have been a guaranteed sale for me. However I found myself hesitating, the game itself is 60$, a fully priced AAA game from one of the largest dogs in AAA publishing.  EA has no shortage of money, and yet in what would seem to be a clear money grabbing move they have priced the first DLC pack for their new game at 50$ (it is a season pass and so contains 4 DLC map packs). My mind was changed faster than Han Solos blaster draw. There simply is no room in my already crowded budget to have to purchase a game like Battlefront twice.  Perhaps even more important than the money I can’t understand why a company would still think it’s a good idea to sell this much DLC for this price. It alienates your core multiplayer audience if they can’t afford it, and causes strife in the games community. Yet it seems EA simply keeps making the same set of mistake. Diving your player base and charging an already stretched player an additional sunk cost isn’t the way to win over your core audience.Read More


Halo 5: Guardians Launch Trailer Is Ready For Action

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Get ready to fill the shoes of Locke & Master Chief with the upcoming release of Halo 5: Guardians. To help ease the painful wait 343 Industries has released a brand new launch trailer featuring over 3 minutes of brand new in-game action.

With two weeks until the game’s official launch things have become a little interesting with the apparent leak of a final retail copy.

Are you avoiding the spoilers? Are you hyped for Hall 5? Let us know in the comments.

[youtube id=”Rh_NXwqFvHc”]


Beware of Spoilers: Halo 5 Retail Copies May Be In The Wild

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Spartans be on alert because it seems like retail copies of Halo 5: Guardians may have found their way into the wild from the retail supply chain ahead of the game’s October 25th release date.

Akai, a member of the NeoGaf forum, posted an image taken from IMGUR that shows what looks to be a shrink-wrapped copy of Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One. Unfortunately no pictures of the disc or included leaflets were posted so its authenticity is subject for now.

It is not uncommon for the games media to receive copies of games well in advance, often these copies are retail builds or in some cases with larger games very controlled digital downloads if it’s a larger title under NDA. It is unknown if the copy shown in Akai’s images are simply pictures of a retail copy provided for review as no receipt was provided with the pictures.

This isn’t the first time a Halo title has been leaked ahead of release. Pretty much every major game in the franchise has been leaked since Halo 2. According to IGN’s extensive piece on the history of Halo leaks Halo 2 was leaked nearly 3 weeks before its release. Halo 3 faired a little better by only being leaked onto pirate sites a week before release. Halo: Reach leaked almost a full month before release and 343 Industries first Halo title – Halo 4 – leaked in mid-October of 2012.

If you’re planning on surfing the Halo sub-reddit, Twitch.tv or other popular Spartan gathering places beware because spoilers may be coming soon.




343 Reveals new UNSC Vehicle Designs

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

343 has not exactly been playing Halo 5: Guardians close to the belt, but one thing we have yet to see are some of the new designs for equipment and vehicles that will be available for purchase in the games new requisition system. The new vehicles are recognizable with just enough difference to make them interesting.



  • Scorpion: The new iteration – the M820 – of the storied Scorpion is half the mass of the old M808 yet has nearly identical firepower and armor protection. As expected, ONI spares no expense with its “security” Scorpions, outfitting them with experimental ammunition using the latest energetic propellants. Advanced Scorpion with heavy armor and upgraded cannon.
  • Mongoose: Lovingly dubbed the “mothergoose” by frontline infantry men and women due to its increased size over the M274, this particular variant shown is Liang Dortmund’s heavy-duty modification of the standard M290 ATV. The result is a nimble but rugged Mongoose with extra armor.
  • Gungoose: The new “Gungoose” is the result of an M290 Mongoose quad bike fitted with twin grenade launchers. A passenger can be accommodated on the rear-facing seat, providing ample offense on this snake-killer’s nose and tail.
  • Rocket Warthog: Rocket Warthogs are often the first and last line of defense against Covenant aircraft for UNSC ground forces. This particular variant showcases an improved Rocket Warthog with upgraded armor.
  • Gauss Warthog: Tested in classified ops during the Requiem campaign, the UNSC has fitted a brand new evolution of the heavy gauss cannon on the M12B Warthog. For this particular ONI-spec variant, gauss cannon impacts produce lingering area of effect damage. The precise mechanism remains highly classified. Calling one of these bad boys in gives your team an advanced Gauss Warthog with heavy armor and upgraded gauss cannon.
  • Banshee Ultra: Only skilled Sangheili aces are entrusted with these rare and valuable aircraft, with means that each one is carefully husbanded for decisive strikes. Superior T-54 Banshee with heavy armor and significantly upgraded armament.

Most fans would agree that these new designs are cool, still recognizable but neat new twists on classic Halo vehicles.  Also hinted at here is a card like system as we recently saw in Titan Fall and the new Star Wars Battlefront.


The Hunt Begins In The Latest Live Action Halo 5 Trailer

Posted on October 5, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a brand new 90 second live-action trailer for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Halo 5: Guardians. In this trailer a commanding voice (presumably a high ranking UNSC officer) explains to Spartan Locke that the officially Masterchief (Spartan 117) is official listed as Killed In Action but unofficially has stopped responding to orders and is now considered an enemy of the UNSC.

Core to the single player experience of Halo 5: Guardians is rivalry between Master Chief’s Blue Squad and Spartan Locke’s Team of Fireteam Osiris. The theme of team rivalry carries over into the multiplayer side of things with the inclusion of Warzone a brand new team competitive mode that tasks two teams to destroy the “core” of the other team’s base. Standing in their way are waves of enemy AIs and large bosses. The whole thing sounds like a cross between the popular MOBA formula and horde mode and I can’t wait to try it!

Has John-117 gone rogue?

Halo 5: Guardians will be released on October 27th in North America.

[youtube id=”X6a2RVXMGxY”]


Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta Expands With New Maps & Modes

Posted on January 4, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Owners of Halo: The Master Chief Collection can now enjoy the Xbox One only multiplayer beta for Halo 5: Guardians. Players were able to ring in the new year with a killing spree as the beta began last week on December 28th and will last until January 18th. A major update to the beta was released a few days ago that adds more weapons and a brand new game mode.

The new mode is called ‘Breakout’ where every player begins the match with only one life and the first team to win five rounds claims victory. In terms of new maps  Regret joins the list of available maps, Regret is a remake of the multiplayer map Midship from 2004’s Halo 2. 

Check out a full list of maps and weapons available in the beta below after the jump.

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Banjo & Kazooie: Grunty Land, Fable IV and Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Exclusive?

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

E3 is just a little over a week away and supposedly the good ship Microsoft is already starting to spring leaks, if an image circulated widely on internet video game messages is to be believed. Could some of their big E3 surprises be ruined by some sort of internal leak? Read on to found a partial list of games that may be revealed at Microsoft’s big press event.Read More


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