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The Star Mazer Team is Eating Hot Peppers for Potions: A Curious Tale

Our Awesome editor Renee Gittens is in the last hours of her Kickstarter  ! To support her, friends of the site and Star Mazer devs, are eating HOT PEPPERS on their stream which is currently hosting over 90 people who are […]


Esports is HUGE, over 21% of Twitch total viewerships HUGE

It should come as no suprise that E-sports is not some passing trend. If million dollar events and rented out sports arenas for spectators arent enough to tell you that, Twitch just released their 2015 look back and it contains […]


Singing Games, Thrust Parties and Game Design – Hyper RPG! Twitch Channel Launches with Crazy 48 Hour Charity Drive

If you aren’t currently tuned into Hyper RPG!’s Twitch channel, then you’re missing out on great entertainment and all for a good cause. Hyper Rabbit Power Go! (Hyper RPG!) is a brand new Twitch channel that launched yesterday and is in […]


Bob Ross to Become a Permanent Part of Twitch.TV

After bringing in 5.6 million unique viewers, with a peak viewer count of over 183.000 watching at the same time, it is fair to say the experiment of putting up Bob Ross on Twitch was a resounding success. As a […]


I’m Playing Halo 5: Guardians TONIGHT On Twitch

Hey BroJo fans! It’s been a long time! I’ve definitely have a treat for you though!The fantastic people at Microsoft have given me advanced access to Halo 5! That’s right, and tonight you’ll get to see three exciting early missions, […]


Live-Stream: 30 More Minutes of Omega Quintet

Last night we ran a one hour live stream featuring more gameplay from Idea Factory International’s upcoming Omega Quintet for the PlayStation 4. The majority of this footage takes place during one of the character’s final tests to become a […]