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The Star Mazer Team is Eating Hot Peppers for Potions: A Curious Tale

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Our Awesome editor Renee Gittens is in the last hours of her Kickstarter  ! To support her, friends of the site and Star Mazer devs, are eating HOT PEPPERS on their stream which is currently hosting over 90 people who are all donating to get them to eat hot peppers.

In case you haven’t been following Renee has just a few hours to make her dreams come true, she left a safe job in tech to follow her dream and develop a game that everyone would love. So please go watch the stream, get out there, and support her and watch the wacky devs from Star Mazer eat hot peppers for Renee and Potions!

Watch live video from starrmazer on www.twitch.tv


Esports is HUGE, over 21% of Twitch total viewerships HUGE

Posted on April 7, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

It should come as no suprise that E-sports is not some passing trend. If million dollar events and rented out sports arenas for spectators arent enough to tell you that, Twitch just released their 2015 look back and it contains some not so surprising facts about the world of esports. Newzoo has kindly taken that data from that report and summarized it here  and ill give you the jist of it now.  ” “Twitch was the true accelerator of the growth of esports in the West, esports has helped Twitch grow to the massive live video platform it is today. more than 21 percent of “all hours watched” on Twitch from July to December 2015 was dedicated to esports”  Holy swear word batman thats a lot of hours of League, DOTA2, Heroes of the Storm, and the half dozen other smaller mobas (sorry Smite you dont get in with the big dogs).


Mobas even accounted for the majority  of Twitch esports viewership, with 58 percent of the total hours watched during the second half of the year, most of it dedicated to League of Legends and Dota 2. Shooter were a distant second with only 27% and finally strategy and others making up just 14% of total viewership. Most of the 10% of strategy category was Hearthstone, which properly should have its own section since its a card game, but Twitch has chosen to lump it in (likley to keep MOBA from eclipsing the 70% mark).

Newzoo also found that “esports engagement” varied rather dramatically around the industry. “47 percent of StarCraft 2 hours viewed were esports centered compared to just 13 percent of the hours spent on Hearthstone, which has a relatively larger group of non-esports viewers.” The report said.  The study also found that, while major events drove high levels of traffic, they also pulled eyes away from user-generated content: During the first three Saturdays of the NALCS, user-made content viewership was down 44 percent compared to the preceding three Saturdays. Not really a suprise there as Twitch tends to feature those sponsored sports event streams on their front page.

SPORTSThis graphic is a good visual representation of what the report says, you can see that during the LCS event there number of esports hours was far higher as a percent of consumer hours spent on Twitch.


Newzoo closes by saying: “The importance of esports for Twitch is reflected in its continued partnerships with publishers who are growing their franchises as esports titles, the latest of these partnerships include Psyonix’s Rocket League and Super Evil MegaCorp’s mobile MOBA Vainglory. The latter also received a multi-million dollar investment from Twitch itself.” Twitch is seems is fully commited to their current strategy for Esports, and I like many other wait with baited breath to see what they will do next.



Singing Games, Thrust Parties and Game Design – Hyper RPG! Twitch Channel Launches with Crazy 48 Hour Charity Drive

Posted on February 27, 2016 by Renee Gittins


If you aren’t currently tuned into Hyper RPG!’s Twitch channel, then you’re missing out on great entertainment and all for a good cause. Hyper Rabbit Power Go! (Hyper RPG!) is a brand new Twitch channel that launched yesterday and is in the middle of a 48-hour charity stream for the HALO Foundation.

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Bob Ross to Become a Permanent Part of Twitch.TV

Posted on November 10, 2015 by Broken Joysticks

After bringing in 5.6 million unique viewers, with a peak viewer count of over 183.000 watching at the same time, it is fair to say the experiment of putting up Bob Ross on Twitch was a resounding success. As a result of the near universal positive feedback, Twitch will now regularly stream an entire season of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting every monday on the designated channel. They will also stream the entirety of the thirty two seasons back to back every year on October 29th, to celebrate his anniversary on Twitch.

This is the part where I think of something clever or sarcastic to say but it just doesn’t seem right here. The unironic embracing of Bob Ross by the, let’s be honest, often toxic Twitch community is something so heart warming and positive even I can’t be cynical about it. Tuning into it and watching people celebrate every time he finished a painting the same way they’d celebrate a Nexus being destroyed or a bomb defused, it just made me feel….happy. Even years after his death, Bob Ross is still spreading the Joy of Painting to new generations, and I’d like to just appreciate that.


I’m Playing Halo 5: Guardians TONIGHT On Twitch

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Les Major

Hey BroJo fans! It’s been a long time! I’ve definitely have a treat for you though!The fantastic people at Microsoft have given me advanced access to Halo 5! That’s right, and tonight you’ll get to see three exciting early missions, and one later battle. Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping spoilers to a minimum. The game itself doesn’t release until October 27th, so this is quite the early release! Naturally our review is on the way as well, but we’re still under embargo to maintain our excitement.

We will be live at 9pm EST over on DegiGames Twitch channel playing the highly anticipated release by 343 Industries!

This is not a joke! This is not a drill! Halo 5: Guardians will be live tonight on our Twitch stream! Don’t miss out!


Live-Stream: 30 More Minutes of Omega Quintet

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Last night we ran a one hour live stream featuring more gameplay from Idea Factory International’s upcoming Omega Quintet for the PlayStation 4. The majority of this footage takes place during one of the character’s final tests to become a verse maiden, the in-universe idols / monster slayers.

We will be rendering our final verdict on Omega Quintet tomorrow evening when our written review goes live.

Depending on the viewership numbers for our archived live streams we may run more in the future.

Omega Quintet  will be released both digitally and at physical retailers tomorrow.

Part One

[youtube id=”JMV3zefVLWI”]

Part Two

[youtube id=”zCOPv9iANAo”]

Part Three

[youtube id=”Xoa_fHmbzL8″]


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