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Huge Halo 5: Forge Update With Custom Games Browser Now Live

343 Industries has released the highly anticipated Monitor’s Bounty update for Halo 5: Forge on PC and Halo 5: Guardians that features among other changes, the ability to search for custom games via both games’ multiplayer options. The titular Forge […]


Random Xbox Live User Given Access To Partial Halo Wars 2 Test Build

Yesterday Redditor OniYsoni posted a brief clip of an early network test build for Microsoft’s upcoming console RTS Halo Wars 2, running on his retail Xbox One. The build that OniYsoni had access too wouldn’t progress further than the creative […]


Let’s Take A Look At Halo: Online For PC

Halo 3 was one of the definitive online experiences I got to spend hundred of hours in during the last generation of consoles. Released during my first year of college I can’t recall the number of nights that I spent […]


Halo 5 Live Stream Event Reveals New DLC

Halo 5 ‘s developers 343i promised myriad DLC for their newest entry in to the Halo 5 franchise, and it seems that the first wave of that promise has been delivered. 343 already announced in a blog post that they […]


Halo 5: Live Phaeton VTL Trailer

Microsoft has released a very brief teaser trailer for their upcoming Halo 5: LIVE YouTube event. The Phaeton VTL trailer is done in the style of a smoothly edited car advertisement – with the announcer proclaiming that the Phaeton “flies […]


I’m Playing Halo 5: Guardians TONIGHT On Twitch

Hey BroJo fans! It’s been a long time! I’ve definitely have a treat for you though!The fantastic people at Microsoft have given me advanced access to Halo 5! That’s right, and tonight you’ll get to see three exciting early missions, […]


Everything you need to know about Halo 5 multiplayer

Halo 5 is just 10 days away (review copies are allready out and if you want to see the first part of the campaign its on the web) and 343 are starting to give out massive details on the games […]


Halo 5’s Stats API Will Be Available to Everyone

Its been a big day for Halo 5 announcements today, 343I started the day off by telling us what multiplayer modes will be included in Halo 5 at launch. Then kep the news train rolling with a the announcement that they […]


The Hunt Begins In The Latest Live Action Halo 5 Trailer

Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a brand new 90 second live-action trailer for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Halo 5: Guardians. In this trailer a commanding voice (presumably a high ranking UNSC officer) explains to Spartan Locke that the […]


Check Out Halo 4’s Majestic Map Pack In This New ViDoc

The next map pack for 343 industries’ Halo 4 is about to the Xbox Live Marketplace. For just $10 you’ll be able to get your hands on the latest maps – Skyline, Landfill and Monolith. Also included is ten new […]


Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episodes 6-10 Preview Trailer

Halo 4’s Spartan Ops is a lot of fun to play, especially with friends. Starting this coming Monday (the 21st) the weekly episodes of Spartan Ops will return in full force as episodes 6 – 10 will be released throughout […]


Halo 4 Forward On To Dawn: Enlist Trailer

343 Industries & Microsoft Games Studios have released a brand new live action trailer for Halo 4 titled Forward On To Dawn: Enlist. Get ready to follow the initiation of several UNSC foot soldiers preparing to battle insurrections. The insurrection […]


Check Out Six Minutes of Halo 4 Multiplayer

The Rooster Teeth Expo was held this past weekend and it wouldn’t be an RT event without something Halo. 343 industries brought along the latest Halo 4 multiplayer build and several matches where showcased at RTX 2012. Two different videos […]


Halo 4 cover revealed

The cover art for the highly anticipated Halo 4 was reveal by Microsoft yesterday in a random giveaway of sorts. Sending 32 pieces of the cover attached to emails to lucky fans, it took members of the Halo Waypoint Forums […]