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Halo 5 Forge Used to Create Star Wars Hoth Map

Halo’s Forge mode has always been powerful, and its latest installment is keeping up the tradition, with Halo 5 giving players an unprecedented set of tools and palettes to work with. As always the community has gotten hold of forge mode and made some truly amazing things, including tributes to lots of other games. One user inparticular has re-created the iconic snow battle of Hoth from the Star Wars franchise. An imgur user by the name of Bearskopff posted a gallery of the Hoth map in Halo 5. It features a massive AT-AT walker, which took up almost half of the object limit allowed in Forge.hothHalo5

The map also features a smaller AT-AT that is one fire, and tons of lens flare in honor of new Star Wars director JJ Abrams. The map is playable as a slayer map, and unfortunately it does not feature any Star Wars themed weapons, vehicles, or other copy infringing materials. But that AT-AT is still pretty darn cool, and perhaps more importantly it shows what can be done with the new forge mode, which is incredibly diverse, and offers the most “budget” of any Halo forge mode to date. Allowing for the placement of 1000 objects Halo 5’s forge mode is clearly the best the of the franchise, and as a result we can expect to see some fantastic maps coming from the community in upcoming weeks and months. . Just recently, another player created Spiral Mountain from theBanjo-Kazooie franchise. Back with Halo: Reach in 2010, there were tons of community creations like this, but there has generally been much less buzz about Halo 5 than past Halo games in the franchise.

The file browser was the link between thesse fantastic creators, and the rest of the world, the choice of 343i to remove it in past halo games was one that was met with great contention, but that has stuck around. So if you want a map you now have to be Xbox live freinds with the person who created that map, or someone who already has it.

Bearskopff  galler on imgur

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