October 11, 2015

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty: Coming soon on Vinyl

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Erika

For Old Honest Abe’s 18th birthday, the complete Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty video game soundtrack is being released by German record label Black Screen Records on 180 gram green vinyl! Currently available for pre-order, it will be released and shipped in late November. Coming in a full-coloured gatefold sleeve with RuptureFarms art by Raymond Swanland, with the soundtrack being composed, mixed, and mastered by Michael Bross.


Doesn't it look amazing?

Doesn’t it look amazing?


If that wasn’t enough for die-hard Oddworld fans such as myself, also included is not only an exclusive two-sided A2 poster, or that it includes official DLC downloads for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee MP3 soundtracks, all that is shadowed by the fact that it includes Steam codes Oddword: New ‘n’ Tasty on PC, Mac, and Linux!

For anyone that wants to give a listen to the newly mixed version of Abe’s Moon on Oddworld’s Soundcloud channel. After giving it a listein, I feel like it really captures the mood from Oddword after playing the previous games long ago.

As far as pricing goes the regular black vinyl is priced €26, with the limited edition green vinyl is €28 and shipping running €12 additional per vinyl to the USA. A bundle for both will be €50 with €17 additional for shipping to the US. Fair warning though, the green vinyl edition is limited to only 500 copies, so those will most likely go quite fast for anyone who wants to order them!


Beware of Spoilers: Halo 5 Retail Copies May Be In The Wild

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Spartans be on alert because it seems like retail copies of Halo 5: Guardians may have found their way into the wild from the retail supply chain ahead of the game’s October 25th release date.

Akai, a member of the NeoGaf forum, posted an image taken from IMGUR that shows what looks to be a shrink-wrapped copy of Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One. Unfortunately no pictures of the disc or included leaflets were posted so its authenticity is subject for now.

It is not uncommon for the games media to receive copies of games well in advance, often these copies are retail builds or in some cases with larger games very controlled digital downloads if it’s a larger title under NDA. It is unknown if the copy shown in Akai’s images are simply pictures of a retail copy provided for review as no receipt was provided with the pictures.

This isn’t the first time a Halo title has been leaked ahead of release. Pretty much every major game in the franchise has been leaked since Halo 2. According to IGN’s extensive piece on the history of Halo leaks Halo 2 was leaked nearly 3 weeks before its release. Halo 3 faired a little better by only being leaked onto pirate sites a week before release. Halo: Reach leaked almost a full month before release and 343 Industries first Halo title – Halo 4 – leaked in mid-October of 2012.

If you’re planning on surfing the Halo sub-reddit, Twitch.tv or other popular Spartan gathering places beware because spoilers may be coming soon.




FFXIV Letter From The Producer Live XXV Confirmed

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Square Enix has confirmed that the next Letter from the Producer Live for Final Fantasy XIV Heavansward will take place on October 25th. It seems kind of fitting that we will get our first close look at Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 during the 25th Live Letter.

For those who are unaware – “Letter from the Producer Live” are a series of Live Streams featuring FFXIV’s producer Yoshi P where he details upcoming changes to the game, reveals new locations and other fun tidbits. Sometimes they are broadcast only in Japanese, which means the community will have to wait for the official translations or summaries to be released to get all the juicy details, and sometimes they are broadcast with English subtitles.

Patch 3.1 will bring the first major story content for FFXIV’s first expansion, Heavanward, since it’s launch this past June. Also included in the new patch will be a brand new 24 person raid called “The Void Ark” as well as co-operative airship missions for player Free Companies.

There is lots of stuff to look forward to.. so FFXIV fans hang tight and as always PLEASE LOOK FORWARD TO IT!

Here are some of the details from the Official FFXIV website:

Patch 3.1 Preview
Yoshi-P will discuss the upcoming Exploratory Missions and Lord of Verminion, as well as field questions taken from the official forum.
Miscellaneous Announcements
How to Submit Questions
Prior to the live stream, questions will be accepted in the designated thread on the official forum. It is also possible to ask questions during the live stream. To do so, please follow the official FFXIV Twitter account (@FF_XIV_EN) and send tweets containing the “XIVLive” hash tag.

Official Forum Questions Thread: http://sqex.to/WJA
Official FFXIV Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/FF_XIV_EN

Exploratory Missions
Lord of Verminion
Questions for Yosuke Hayashi
The item team’s lead planner will answer item-related questions ranging from general topics to details on the Minion Alliance.



343 Reveals new UNSC Vehicle Designs

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

343 has not exactly been playing Halo 5: Guardians close to the belt, but one thing we have yet to see are some of the new designs for equipment and vehicles that will be available for purchase in the games new requisition system. The new vehicles are recognizable with just enough difference to make them interesting.



  • Scorpion: The new iteration – the M820 – of the storied Scorpion is half the mass of the old M808 yet has nearly identical firepower and armor protection. As expected, ONI spares no expense with its “security” Scorpions, outfitting them with experimental ammunition using the latest energetic propellants. Advanced Scorpion with heavy armor and upgraded cannon.
  • Mongoose: Lovingly dubbed the “mothergoose” by frontline infantry men and women due to its increased size over the M274, this particular variant shown is Liang Dortmund’s heavy-duty modification of the standard M290 ATV. The result is a nimble but rugged Mongoose with extra armor.
  • Gungoose: The new “Gungoose” is the result of an M290 Mongoose quad bike fitted with twin grenade launchers. A passenger can be accommodated on the rear-facing seat, providing ample offense on this snake-killer’s nose and tail.
  • Rocket Warthog: Rocket Warthogs are often the first and last line of defense against Covenant aircraft for UNSC ground forces. This particular variant showcases an improved Rocket Warthog with upgraded armor.
  • Gauss Warthog: Tested in classified ops during the Requiem campaign, the UNSC has fitted a brand new evolution of the heavy gauss cannon on the M12B Warthog. For this particular ONI-spec variant, gauss cannon impacts produce lingering area of effect damage. The precise mechanism remains highly classified. Calling one of these bad boys in gives your team an advanced Gauss Warthog with heavy armor and upgraded gauss cannon.
  • Banshee Ultra: Only skilled Sangheili aces are entrusted with these rare and valuable aircraft, with means that each one is carefully husbanded for decisive strikes. Superior T-54 Banshee with heavy armor and significantly upgraded armament.

Most fans would agree that these new designs are cool, still recognizable but neat new twists on classic Halo vehicles.  Also hinted at here is a card like system as we recently saw in Titan Fall and the new Star Wars Battlefront.


October 8th Nintendo Download

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Wii U eShop

Whispering Willows – In Whispering Willows, you take on the role of Elena, a determined young girl with the extraordinary ability to project her spirit outside of her body. In her spectral form, Elena can interact with the benevolent spirits and wicked wraiths that used to dwell within the walls of the sinister Willows Mansion – lost souls, stuck in time and space, who hold the secrets that Elena will need to traverse the terrifying old manor. Players need to make use of Elena’s corporeal and ethereal forms to overcome obstacles, solve the riddles of the mansion’s enigmatic specters, and find Elena’s lost father.

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Deus Ex: Manking Divided will not have multiple choice endings

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

The last Deus Ex was praised for its ending content being a plethora of choices. You decision on that final level literally effected humanity as awhole. Its hard to top that kind of choice and it seems the next Deus Ex wont even try.  The report comes from an interview with Mary DeMarle, the executive narrative director on Mankind Divided and lead writer on Human Revolution, that she gave to GamesRadar.

“On Human Revolution, we were having it all come down to that moment where there’s a button press at the end of the game, and it triggers one of the different endings. But on [Mankind Divided], we actually are looking at, ‘Okay, we’re going to give you different actions and different choices, and you go different paths, and how does that go?”

she went on to say “So when you’re embracing all those multifaceted, branching choices, et cetera, it gets hard enough. And then to pull in that fulfillment of what the character wants, it does get very challenging,” she said. “And I can’t really give you a formula for doing it, it all comes down to constant iteration, constant play, and constant feel for the character and the player experience.”

She went on to assure the audience that this didnt mean the you will “straitjacketed” by choices in the early game, and assure audiences that the final misson will still influence the ending of the game.




Upcoming Free / Paid Tales of Zestiria DLC Detailed

Posted on October 11, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Namco Bandai Games will be releasing the next entry in the Tales of series in Europe and North America later this month and to celebrate the upcoming western release the publisher has detailed some of the first downloadable content coming for Tales of Zestiria, and hey some of it is totally free!

Fans who purchase the game and register on either Bandai Namco’s VIP Corner in Europe or North America will gain access to an additional chapter titled Alisha’s Story which will expand the game’s single player story. The VIP Corner will play host to some free Mystic Artes as well, so make sure to grab those! There’s also a free theme avToZ_Preorder_DLC_Mockup_Vertical_V2bailable for PS3 players as well, sadly no such bonus for PlayStation 4 players.

In terms of paid downloadable content Namco Bandai will release several licensed cross-over costumes for your party members. The first of which is none other costumed inspired by the 1990s classic anime (and one of my personal favorites) Neon Genesis Evangelion. There will also be an Idolmaster cross-over costume pack available as well – complete with accompanying background music!

Here’s the full run-down from Namco Bandai Europe:

  • Additional Chapter: Alisha’s Story ( An additional quest available for free until 18/11/2015, available on the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment VIP Corner)
  • Exclusive Mystic Artes for Mikleo, Lailah and Alisha available for free for all Tales of Zestiria buyers on the VIP Corner
  • When buying the game on PlayStation®3, players will unlock the same free theme offered to Japanese players for the Tales of 20th Anniversary. Meanwhile, PlayStation®4 owners will get an exclusive dynamic theme featuring Sorey, Rose, Mikleo and Lailah.
  • The legendary mecha license created by Hideaki Anno, Evangelion, will be represented through costumes for Sorey, Alisha, Lailah, Edna and Rose for the delight of European fans!
  • Idolmaster Costume Set: Dedicated outfits, attachments, unique battle voices and BGM for Alisha, Rose, Lailah and Edna!
  • More costumes will also be available from launch: including the Seaside Resort Costume Set & School Costume set.

We’ll have more on Tales of Zestiria as it approaches release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC (via Steam).



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