Halo 5’s Stats API Will Be Available to Everyone

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Its been a big day for Halo 5 announcements today, 343I started the day off by telling us what multiplayer modes will be included in Halo 5 at launch. Then kep the news train rolling with a the announcement that they will open the games application program interface (API) to the general public. This Means that anyone with application programming experience can now integrate the games stats in to their application. The API will give access to

  • Service Record (Life-to-date stats for each player)
  • Match History (Access to each match played)
  • Carnage Report (Complete statistical breakdown for each player in a match)

343 previously had stated that giving players access to their game data was “top priority” and their most recent statement said “Giving the community the ability to compile stats will allow developers to craft their own statistical story and experiences”

The API is currently in private beta. 343 is reportedly working with several  private organizations including gaming leagues such as the ESL and MLG, as well as community sites like Halo Charts and Halo Tracker. “We know you’ll surprise and delight us with inventive and unexpected uses, and we can’t wait to see what you develop and share with the Halo community later this year and beyond,” 343 said.



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