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Video Review | Lovely Planet Arcade

Check out Latest Video Review of Lovely Planet Arcade! We hope you like it!


Construction comes to Planetside 2

Planetside 2 has a special place in my heart, its a game that basically lets you drop in for an hour or two, shoot some stuff, then hop off, the world goes on with out you. During my price of […]


Space ship action game Dreadnought to enter closed (buy in) beta

Developer Grey Box games announced after PAX this weekend that their much anticipated space ship combat game Dreadnought will enter a closed beta period on April 29th. I have had my eye on this game since it first surfaced a […]


Hard Reset Redux is simply amazing

Hard Reset is a game from flying Wild Hog game, that came out in 2012. It was the studios first game development effort, and by 2012 standards was a fantastic game. With a Doom like vibe, and an awesome cyber […]


Halo 5 Forge Used to Create Star Wars Hoth Map

Halo’s Forge mode has always been powerful, and its latest installment is keeping up the tradition, with Halo 5 giving players an unprecedented set of tools and palettes to work with. As always the community has gotten hold of forge […]


Rail Gun aims to bring “most immersive ever” controller to market

It seems like most of the time, gun shaped controllers for FPS games are pretty much flops right out of the gate. Peripherals have to work with multiple games, multiple types of hardware, and across regions. Yet for the new […]


Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Priced at $50

Just when we thought we had all the Star Wars news we could handle EA has released the price for their season pass. The price will be 50$ The four map packs that have been announced so far. The Collection of […]