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Construction comes to Planetside 2

Posted on May 2, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Planetside 2 has a special place in my heart, its a game that basically lets you drop in for an hour or two, shoot some stuff, then hop off, the world goes on with out you. During my price of playing circa 2013 I was in a pretty good outfit of about 50 players, so there were always ops going on. I have since dropped the game from my rotation (there are just too many games to play!) but this newest update has be chomping at the bit to get back in to the world for at least a little poking around.

If you have never played the game, its basically a MASSIVE shooter, think hundreds of people on the same server, all shooting at each other. Vehicles clash, aircraft fly above, and the whole thing is a bit of organized chaos. The game has many mechanics that keep if from just being about shooting things (but you can do that if your like me) and now there is one additional thing as well. Ill let the video explain.


It sounds just a bit RTS-e if you ask me, harvest a resource, and build things like storage for more resources, producers, and other stuff. If you still want to read the boring details hers the official post  but the video does a pretty good job of explaining it. Structures take 45 seconds to complete regardless of its a giant cordium silo, or a wall. This seems a bit broken, but these type of things really do take some time to balance. For now its interesting to pop back in to the game and see the fighting moved away from the massive bases which were its previous home and off in to player build and controlled realms which were previously the middle of nowhere.

So if we add the fact that you can now RTS in what was before an MMOFPS i guess we get an RTSMMOFPS? Too many letters, ill just leave it at being called one of the most unique games I have ever played. At the very least we can say that this is one game that seems to defy genre boundaries, and as a former player, who will probably go back to give this a try, I urge you to at least dip your toe in and see how you like it.


Space ship action game Dreadnought to enter closed (buy in) beta

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Developer Grey Box games announced after PAX this weekend that their much anticipated space ship combat game Dreadnought will enter a closed beta period on April 29th. I have had my eye on this game since it first surfaced a couple of PAX’s ago, its basically a 3D space shooter, with classes like a sniper, a heavy, and a healer. Its a bit of  class based shooter mixed with the fun of 3D space combat. Now operating on a free to play model the game has surfaced again and this time its for the public to give it a try.

Set in a futuristic era of all-out galactic warfare, Dreadnought turns strategic, team-based warfare into one heart-pounding, action experience. Each of the game’s varied vessels is designed to fill a unique, class-based role, and can be customized with specialized weapons, abilities, cosmetic enhancements and more. Head over to their webstite to sign up for a chance to get in to the Beta, or chose to buy in.

The game is from veteran developer Grey Box Games, who recently published RTS Grey Goo, as well as Six Foot and independent developer YAGER. Players who do not wish to have the elements of random chance effecting their chance to get in the to the beta have the option to purchase their access in two different packs. Currently the Hunter and Mercenary packs are available. Each pack comes  with entry to the beta, some cosmetic customization for the ships, and coins for Grey box’s store that will eventually support the free-to-play model.

Hunter Pack – $10

  • Guaranteed access to Closed Beta
  • 500 Grey Box Points (GP)
  • 7 Days of Elite Status at official game launch
  • Exclusive Hunter Pack ship decal, emblem and coating
  • 2 Fleet Recruitment Packs(give 2 friends access to the Beta with 250 Grey Box Points and the Hero version of the Medium Dreadnought – Morningstar)
  • 1 Hero Ship – The Morningstar (Medium Dreadnought)

Mercenary Pack – $40

  • Guaranteed access to Closed Beta
  • 3000 Grey Box Points (GP)
  • 30 Days of Elite Status at official game launch
  • Exclusive Hunter Pack ship decal, emblem and coating
  • 2 Fleet Recruitment Packs(give 2 friends access to the Beta with 250 Grey Box Points and the Hero version of the Medium Dreadnought – Morningstar)
  • 5 Hero Ship – The Morningstar (Medium Dreadnought), The Outis (Medium Corvette), The Silesia (Light Artillery Cruiser), The Huscarl (Heavy Destroyer), The Kali (Heavy Tactical Cruiser)


To see the founders pack trailer hit the jump.

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Hard Reset Redux is simply amazing

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Hard Reset is a game from flying Wild Hog game, that came out in 2012. It was the studios first game development effort, and by 2012 standards was a fantastic game. With a Doom like vibe, and an awesome cyber punk setting the game was atmospheric, challenging, and gathered a cult following.Now Flying Wild Hog are returning to their first ever game, with a full engine rebuild, and lots of new tricks under the hood

Hard Reset Redux, is not just a remake of Hard Reset in a new engine, it is so  much more, it has a katana! In all seriousness, new enemies have been added, enemy locations have been changed and the whole game has been overhauled to run better on modern hardware. A quick dash has been added to allow players to escape from enemies in an all new way.

I had the opportunity to speak to a few of the games programmers from Flying Wild Hog, and they were kind enough to allow me to capture video of one of the games giant boss fights.Read More


Halo 5 Forge Used to Create Star Wars Hoth Map

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Halo’s Forge mode has always been powerful, and its latest installment is keeping up the tradition, with Halo 5 giving players an unprecedented set of tools and palettes to work with. As always the community has gotten hold of forge mode and made some truly amazing things, including tributes to lots of other games. One user inparticular has re-created the iconic snow battle of Hoth from the Star Wars franchise. An imgur user by the name of Bearskopff posted a gallery of the Hoth map in Halo 5. It features a massive AT-AT walker, which took up almost half of the object limit allowed in Forge.hothHalo5

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Rail Gun aims to bring “most immersive ever” controller to market

Posted on December 27, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

It seems like most of the time, gun shaped controllers for FPS games are pretty much flops right out of the gate. Peripherals have to work with multiple games, multiple types of hardware, and across regions. Yet for the new wave of VR to truly feel immersive, you need to have a variety of controllers that can adapt to almost any situation, and first person shooters are first in line. Rail gun is aiming to do just that.

Consisting of five different components, Rail gun attaches to the rails that come standard on all airsoft guns. Since it attaches to an Airsoft gun the user can feel the real recoil and gunfire noises while playing their favorite FPS game. Rail gun is compatible with almost FPS games for PC, Xbox, Playstation and even Virtual reality devices. This is truly the new frontier of VR peripherals. To really feel like you are in a war, you have to not only have the sounds, the lights, and the images, but also the feel of a gun in your hand.

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Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Priced at $50

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Just when we thought we had all the Star Wars news we could handle EA has released the price for their season pass. The price will be 50$ The four map packs that have been announced so far. The Collection of maps is quite expensive but if you calculate the total cost of each DLC to be 15$ you actually get a bit of a discount. EA is sweetening the pot with another added incentive. Players who buy the DLC season pass to Star Wars Battlefront will get two week early access to the maps before the release and an exclusive emote. The emote will say “shoot first” in a reference to the iconic original Cut of Star Wars Episode 4 where Han Solo shot Greedo first.


50$ seems like a lot but its become fairly standard for most season passes that contain this number of map packs. EA is also giving a nod to its player base by giving out the maps early to loyal customers who pre-purchase the season pass. The season pass will also be available to anyone who buys the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition which clocks in at whopping 140$. Both are currently available on the Origin store for pre-order.



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