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Overwatch Getting FFA Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch In Next Patch

Heroes will clash against each other with no payload to escort in Overwatch’s upcoming Deathmatch mode which will be introduced in a new patch after the Summer Games conclude on August 28th. Unlike the death match-like Skrimish Mode, the official […]


Steam’s Latest Free To Play Darling, Black Squad, Has Attracted Thousands of Concurrent Players

The world of free to play games can be daunting with the amount of sheer choice available and if you’re not careful you might end up choosing a game that is more advertisement for the in-game cash shop than a […]


Destiny 2 Leaks Point To A Likely PC Release

It is no secret that Bungie & Activision are hard at work on a sequel to 2014’s Destiny, the loot-based shooter that launched 3 additional content heavy expansions that when combined with the base game have kept guardians busy for years. […]


Bleed 2 Is Locked And Loaded For Release Tomorrow

If you haven’t played Bleed, you’ve really missed out on some indie game magic. With solid controls, slowing time mechanics, and free aim shooting it’s a wild ride! Bleed 2 looks to be even more of that action with lots […]


Law Breakers releases Killer Verticality trailers

These last two weeks Boss Key productions have released two new trailers for their upcoming first person shooter headed by Cliff Blizinsky, Law Breakers. Each of the one minute videos feature about a minute of one of the developers talking about […]


The Dreadnought Beta is very fun, but also a little broken

If you haven’t ever heard of Dreadnought I can’t say I blame you. It’s had a rather stealthy run over all, and although it was at PAX prime last year, that was the only time that it surfaced, and since […]


LawBreakers was the best game at PAX East

The most fun I had playing a game at the recent PAX East convention wasn’t as I had expected one of the many Xbox games on demo (gears 4, Mirrors Edge 2) or even the VR experiences. It was in […]


New Doom trailer shows off maps

I was surprised to hear that Doom would have multiplayer support, and when it showed up on video looking a dead ringer for quake, I officially became excited. Now a new trailer from the developers is showing off nine multiplayer […]


Resident Evil shooter gets a release date: May

Turning the beloved atmospheric third person shooter/adventure game Resident Evil in to a “competitive shooter” is a decision that when it was announced was questioned by both industy and fan alike. Why would we want this? What purpose could this […]


Battleborn characters Ghalt and Deande showcased in new videos

Battleborn, the new multiplayer shooter from Gearbox just got some new video content.  Deande, and Ghalt are featured in new video content released today. Ghalt wields dual shotguns, has a gap closing hook, and can deploy traps. Deande appears to be much […]


Team Fortress 2 adds massive update

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that before all the Overwatch hype, before Paladins, before Destiny, there was a little game called Team Fortress 2. Well Valve hasn’t forgotten. In fact they have decided to keep updating this little […]


Dice Confirms Battlefield 5 is a go

In a move that probably surprises all of two people, there will be a Battlefield 5. Developer DICE’s Dan Vanderlind tweeted this weekend “Now that we’ve shipped Battlefront and a part of the team continues to work on it, I am […]


Guns, Gore & Cannoli coming to PS4

Guns Gore and Cannoli is a Metal Slug styled shooter with a story out of the Godfather and humor out of well something else, its a wise cracking fun action shooter.  Previously released for Xbox one, PC, and now its […]