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Borderlands 3 is in developement

Many people wondered where Gearbox would go after their most recent game Battleborn launches on May 3, now it seems we have our answer. At a panel (which your truly did not attend sadly) yesterday at PAX East studio CEO Randy Pitchford […]


Battleborn characters Ghalt and Deande showcased in new videos

Battleborn, the new multiplayer shooter from Gearbox just got some new video content.  Deande, and Ghalt are featured in new video content released today. Ghalt wields dual shotguns, has a gap closing hook, and can deploy traps. Deande appears to be much […]


Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep Revealed As Borderlands 2 Fourth Campaign DLC

Anthony Burch, writer for Gearbox, posted a picture that teased what is to come for the next piece of campaign DLC via twitter (which has since been removed). Regardless of the removed picture, the fourth piece of Borderlands 2 DLC (that is part […]


Borderlands 2 DLC #2 Says Hello To Mr. Torgue

Just confirmed via Mr. Torgue’s Twitter account, it appears that the next DLC installment for the ever popular Borderlands 2 will hit marketplaces next week on November 20th! Just in time for my Thanksgiving holiday break, on yeah. I guess […]


First Borderlands 2 DLC Leaked?

UPDATE: I’ve found some screenshots to go along with this story as well (after the jump). According to some PC tech savvy people and the trophy list over at PS3trophies.com the first (presumably) dlc for Borderlands 2 will revolve around a […]


Gearbox Investigating Badass Tokens Glitch in Borderlands 2

For those who are unfamiliar with Badass Tokens, they are a part of a new system called the Badass Rank which replaces the gun proficiency of the first game. For completing a certain number of in-game challenge will award you the […]


Mechromancer Not The Only New Class Coming To Borderlands 2?

With the release of Borderlands 2 just a few short days ago, you would think the hype for this game is over. Wrong! Randy Pitchford, CEO & Executive Producer, has teased some more information about even more classes are a […]


Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Builder Is Live!

Borderlands 2 is my most anticipated title of 2012. While the days are going by (11 to go from today) Gearbox keeps feeding us more and more new information. Today they launched the skill tree builder for everyone to check […]


Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Coming October 16th

Borderlands 2 is only a few short weeks away and no one is more excited about this than us! Gearbox has been showing off the 5th playable character, but has yet to give us an exact release date – until […]


Gearbox Reveals More Details On The Mechromancer

Some new information has emerged about Borderlands 2’s fifth character class; the Mechromancer. The Mechromancer is a kind of cyber punk-looking character with goggles,  pigtails and a robotic arms, capable of summoning a giant robot called Deathtrap that when released, […]