Guns, Gore & Cannoli coming to PS4

Guns Gore and Cannoli is a Metal Slug styled shooter with a story out of the Godfather and humor out of well something else, its a wise cracking fun action shooter.  Previously released for Xbox one, PC, and now its on its way to the PS4.

Buters can expect to  be ready for this 2D, fast-paced, humorous game which not only features a kick-ass campaign mode, but also 13 additional free skins and as a bonus: Versus mode, including 7 additional battle arenas.
Guns, Gore & Cannoli is actually TWO games for the price of one.  After you wiped the map clean during the campaign, you will be able to relive the joy in versus mode. Its not often that we see a game with this type of aesthetic with both a fully fledged campaign mode and a nice vs AI mode, AND a nice vs other people mode. Its refreshing to see a publisher making sure they put all of these in to a game before they release that game.

blowing up a stripclub in Guns, Gore and Canoli

BLOOD and lots of it

You can play against your friends or AI opponents The developer makes note that  “this AI will be controlled by 21kb seemingly gibberish code that will blast you of the map. ” I have no idea what that means, but I assume that its meaning is that there are a lot of difficult AI that will try to kill you. The game will be releasing on PS4 on December 8th, and you can pick up a copy now on PC or Xbox One!

You can watch the publishers release video right here. its quite a doozie with a lot of blood, flying projectiles and witty on liners, if you like shooting stuff and watching it explode, in games like Bro-force and the Metal Slug series this will be right up your alley.

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