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Playing Overwatch’s New Hero, Orisa, Is Fully Loaded Fun

Blizzard surprised everyone by unleashing a brand new tank for Overwatch during GDC. While I did not get much time with OW’s second Omnic, Orisa, during the convention – now that things have calmed down somewhat, I feel that it […]


Overwatch Custom Game Browser Now Available On PTR

Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan took to YouTube this week to announce that custom games are getting an overhaul along with the launch of the first version of a custom server browser, allowing players to search custom games for the first […]


Overwatch Lunar Festival Trailer Shows Off New Skins & Capture The Flag Mode

A leaked trailer for the upcoming Overwatch Lunar Festival event showcases not only quite a few new skins for Tracer, Bastion, Mei, D.VA and others but also a brand new mode Capture The Flag. It looks like a version of the […]


Login To Overwatch Before Jan 1st And Get 5 Free Loot Boxes

Blizzard is in the giving spirit – they’ve left 5 free Winter Wonderland loot boxes for every Overwatch player who logins between now and January 1st. Winter Wonderland’s loot boxes bring with them a chance to score some new event […]


Overwatch’s Festive Winter Event Comes With Free Loot Boxes

Overwatch’s heroes are walking in a winter wonderland with the recently released festive update to the game for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. This limited time event not only offers holiday themed maps, a brand new seasonal event and […]


Meet Overwatch’s Sombra In The ‘Infiltrator’ Short

Overwatch’s stealthy hacker has been teased, hinted at and hidden in the shadows since her first mention several months ago. After a lengthy Alternate Reality game involving fictional corporations, hidden voice lines and out of game mysteries – Sombra is […]


Overwatch Sombra Blizzcon Print Leaks As Halloween Event Ends

Remember that huge Overwatch leak from a few weeks back that confirmed Junkenstien’s revenge before its’ reveal and supposedly contained in-game character art for the mysterious Sombra? The character’s design has pretty much been confirmed thanks to an early leak of […]


Overwatch’s ‘Junkenstein Revenge’ Fills A Much Needed Gap

Blizzard released the first major Overwatch update since August’s summer games and not only does Junkenstein’s Revenge bring some pretty epic Halloween collectables to the game but it also shows that the game could use more story-driven PVE content, something the initial […]


Huge Leak Reveals Overwatch Halloween Event & Sombra

Multiple leaks may have confirmed a number of new additions coming very soon to the world of Overwatch including a new limited time event, a new set of loot boxes and our first look at the illusive Sombra. It is […]


Jaw Dropping Cosplay From PAX West 2016

Did you have a fake pass? The Daleks will exterminate.. exterminate! Remember that episode of Futurama where Bender was a pro wrestler? This cosplayer does! Big Boss and an LT are ready to infiltrate PAX West 2016. Nurse Joy was […]


Don’t Panic! Your Favorite Overwatch Agent Won’t Be Retired

Could some of our favorite Overwatch agents be retired? After an initial comment to Game Informer by Jeff Kaplan regards to the possibility of removing existing heroes the game director has taken to the official forums to expand upon his comments. […]


Broken Overwatch Auto-Aim On Consoles To Be Fixed In Next Patch

Console players of Overwatch have brought up an issue regarding the game’s auto-aim feature on consoles. According to several forum posts submitted by players the game’s aim system will actually move away from enemies such as Genji during the middle […]


Here Are The Summer Games Loot Box Exclusive Overwatch Skins

With the Rio Olympic Games beginning this Friday Blizzard is getting into the competitive spirit with their newest Overwatch update. An entire limited edition collection of Olympic-themed skins, sprays, voice lines and other goodies have been added to Overwatch’s loot […]


Youtube Video: Overwatch with the crew

If you like overwatch or humor, or laughing at how bad our staff is, Give this video a watch!


New Overwatch Hero Revealed: ‘Ana Gameplay Trailer’

Has all this excitement about a new Overwatch hero kept you in suspense?  If you were expecting ‘Sombra’, well you have a few seconds to be sad before it is revealed that Ana, Overwatch’s new medical sniper may in fact […]