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Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Misses 2018, Coming In January

Posted on September 10, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

If you’re a “Tales of” fan like myself you’re probably really looking forward to the upcoming HD Remaster, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. Bandai Namco never officially gave ToV: Definitive Edition a solid release date in the west when it revealed the game at Xbox’s E3 presentation this past June.  Many fans and even some retailers expected the game to drop sometime this November but it appears the publisher had other plans for Yuri, Estelle, Rapede and Karol for their current generation debut.

The gang’s going to get back together for their 10th anniversary when Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition releases worldwide on January 11th on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and digital only on Windows PC.

RPGSite.net had a run-down of features for the game that looks like it comes from the official press release:


  • A Beloved Tale Returns — The tale of a young hero on a quest for justice that captivated Tales fans returns to Xbox and makes its way for the first time to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam!
  • Everything in One Edition! — Dive into the definitive version of this game with updated full HD graphics, brand-new music tracks, exciting mini-games, bosses, and a collection of unreleased costume DLC!
  • The Party Grows Stronger! — Yuri sets sail on his adventure with Estelle, a young noble woman; Karol; a boy in pursuit of a guild to call his own; Rita, an eccentric scholar; Raven, a laid-back archer; Judith, a mysterious dragoon; and Repede, a pipe-smoking dog… and now two more playable characters join the fray!
  • Patty Fleur, a cheerful and tough young pirate girl in search of treasure, adventure… and her forgotten memories.
  • Flynn Scifo, Yuri’s best friend and an Imperial Knight, now joins the rest on their journey!
  • Fight with Flair! — Assemble your favorite team and enjoy exciting real-time battles with all new Mystic Artes and skills!

Alongside the release date, Namco Bandai also revealed that the Definitive Edition will be receiving a special Steel Book physical edition. The case features the loyal woofer Rapede on the front cover and the backside features every “Tales of” fan’s favorite doggo striking quite a few poses.  In 2009 Bandai released a similar physical Steel Book edition that included a separate soundtrack CD. No word yet on what extras will be included in the 2019 special edition, but you can be sure I’ll write about it as soon as I do.

[Header Image Credit: Youtube]


Off-Screen Dark Souls: Remastered Footage Comes Out of PAX West

Posted on April 8, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

With less than two months until the retail release of Dark Souls: Remastered a whole pile of off-screen footage has found its way onto YouTube and other channels.  Footage has ranged from direct-feed captures of the PlayStation 4 Pro version in 4K to extended looks at Dark Souls: Remastered running in handheld mode fimed off of the Nintendo Switch’s 7 inch 720p screen.

5 Minutes off-screen Docked on Nintendo Switch (From GameXplain)

20 Minutes of off-screen on Nintendo Switch In Handheld Mode (Also From GameXplain)

20+ Minutes of PlayStation Pro Footage in 4K (From PlayStation Underground)

Dark Souls: Remastered will be out on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (or PRO), Xbox One and Windows PC on  May 25th. Are you prepared to die (again)? Let us know in the comments section.


Bandai Namco Says Goodbye To Tales of the Rays This May

Posted on March 30, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

A mobile only entry in the long running Tale of series, Tale of the Rays, will see the “Worldwide” version (read: international editions outside of Japan) end service just 15 months after launch. Originally released in February 2017 on iOS and Android, Tales of the Rays stars two brand new playable characters – Ix and Mileena – who must discover their true potential and the mystery behind Chiral Particles.

Billed by Bandai Namco as a “console quality experience”, Tales of the Rays allowed players to well known Tales of characters from across the franchises’ 23 year history. In practice, the game looked the part of a polished JRPG complete with voice acting and cinematic but the limitations of touch screen controls and up to 5 different forms of micro-transaction currency (!!) didn’t do the game any favors.

As announced on the official North American Tales of the Rays Facebook, service for the game will end on May 29th, 2018:

[Important] Tales of the Rays is Shutting Down 

We regret to announce the closure of Tales of the Rays. Thank you all for your support and we hope you enjoyed playing. We will be keeping the servers open until 20:00 PDT May 29, 2018, so please continue to enjoy Tales of the Rays until the very end.

All items can be used until the last day, so if you have any items or Mirrogems in your account, please use them before May 29, 2018. Also, from today, we are disabling the purchase of Mirrogems.

For more information, please check in-game announcements.

*The exact time service will no longer be available may vary depending on your region.

Despite its use of “gacha” forms of microtransaction for random weapon drops, Tales of the Rays, did build quite a fan following across the globe in the short time it has been out. Players took to twitter to vent their frustrations about the game’s closure – including some who posted Change.ORG petitions to plead with Namco Bandai to keep the game open.



Tekken Mobile | Review

Posted on September 1, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Bandai Namco isn’t exactly known for adapting the Tekken franchise for mobile devices. Over the past decade or so there have been two serious efforts: Tekken 6 on the PSP in 2006 and Tekken 3D on the Nintendo 3DS in 2011. Both of those previous games, although premium priced titles, had different shortcomings when adapting the technical fighting style Tekken is known for to both Sony and Nintendo’s handhelds. Seemingly coming out of nowhere – a free to play version of Tekken launched on the Android Play Store and iTunes App Store in Canada. What follows are my thoughts on this iteration of the King of Iron Fist Tournament based upon the still in limited rollout version of Tekken Mobile that is available.

There are a few key features that Tekken has been known for since its’ inception: like a complicated list of multi button combos, rock paper scissors like input system of high & low punches or kicks and three-dimensional movement. Let’s get the unfortunate news out of the way first – none of these well-known gameplay mechanics appear in Tekken Mobile at all. Drastic changes to the core gameplay experience may have longtime series fans asking “Does that make it any less of a true Tekken title if the strategy of move input is removed and movement is restricted to a 2D plane?”

Combat in Tekken Mobile is a huge departure from what the franchise is known for but it is also a huge departure from what Namco’s sometimes collaborator / sometimes rival Capcom have done in the mobile fighting space. Bouts are still 1 Vs 1 affairs but the three round system has been removed in favor of a single 90 second round. Basic attacks are performed by simply tapping the right side of the screen while blocks are performed using the left side of the touchscreen. Swiping in the center allows you to have your character dash forward or back quickly. Once I had adjusted to how combat worked in Tekken Mobile I found myself being able to time successful chains of blocks before rushing in and pulling off one of three available special moves for Asuka, Jin or Nina with ease. In place of the complicated input system by the console games or even the more robust virtual d-pads and buttons used by Capcom, these cards provide ways for fighters to pull off intricate interlinking combos by tapping the appropriate card. Tekken Mobile will even label cards with a “1..2…3” icon, signaling the proper order for maximum damage. Namco Bandai Vancouver has developed a unique fighting system that for the most part enables a sense of strategy while differing itself from the competition. It can be a little annoying when you think you’re going to tap on the right side for a basic attack and accidentally dash in but I chalk that up to my own clumsiness and not the game’s fault.

Characters in Tekken Mobile will be familiar to those who have played previous entries in the series, regardless of platform or generation. Mainstays like Jin, Kazuya and Steve Fox are joined by latter additions to the roster like Asuka and Shaheen. There are four brand new characters who were created specifically for this new mobile iteration – Isaak, Ruby, Tiger Miyagi and Yue. Each character has a rarity rating (measured in Stars), one set of equip-able bonuses tied to their Star Rating, a character level, an element type and a full deck of Wanza special moves. If all of this sounds a bit convoluted and confusing – well was for me at the start. Given that this is a free to play title, it makes sense that Namco didn’t hand over every fighter off the hop but managing fighters can become tedious (more on that in the next section). With 15 returning characters and 4 brand new characters there is a lot of room in the roster for expansion before Tekken Mobile becomes packed to the brim with fighters. Here is hoping that longtime antagonist Heihachi and newcomer Lucky Chloe make the cut in future updates.

Managing your stable of fighters can become daunting after a few hours of play but it isn’t an insurmountable challenge. Your fighters overall power appears tied directly to your characters level. Additional Wanza cards and slotted buffs can make a bit of an overall difference but they don’t appear to weight as high as the power rating that is calculated for each character. There is no restriction on the level of a character when challenging opponents – if you want to have a 2000 rated Jin take on a 400 rated Bruce or the other way around you certainly can. What will change is the amount of damage dealt and absorbed by the two fighters. Once a character has been eliminated in any of the three available modes they’ll be knocked out until a real world timer has finished (typically 10 – 15 minutes) or once their health has been restored. You can, of course, bypass these time limits with in-app purchases…

After all of this discussion about available characters, gameplay systems and adapting the Tekken formula for mobile devices the discussion comes full circle as the specter of micro-transactions rears its head.  Tekken Mobile contains not one, not two but four different forms of in-game loot boxes that can provide everything from Shards needed to unlock new fighters, to free revive and healing items to rare Wanza cards and elemental crystals used to boost characters overall level. This means that as a player you are managing multiple stats per characters, your level of crystals on hand and an in-game gold currency used for purchasing loot boxes. The drop of in-game gold is quite low: 100 for a win or 25 for a loss but since rounds can take as little as 20 seconds – you can earn a box in about 30 minutes of game play. Tekken Mobile wants you to fork over real world cash for an arbitrary gem currency for randomly generated items you have no control over, but you’ll never find yourself hitting a content wall unless all of your fighters die and you run out of revival items.

Tekken Mobile has quickly become one of my most played iOS games in the past few weeks – easily eclipsing long-time installs like Pokemon Go. Rounds are short enough that completing a single round campaign mission or a three round Dojo match can be done while waiting for the bus or standing in line at the supermarket. Once I acquired a number of fighters and leveled them up extended gameplay sessions were possible – the other morning I spent 45 minutes battling it out against the CPU before all of my 1 star fighters were retired.  Whether or not you’ll get enjoyment out of Tekken Mobile will probably depend on how much RNG loot boxes and fighter countdowns you can stand before uninstalling the game or forking over some cold hard cash for gems. I’ve probably sunk a good ten hours into Tekken Mobile and haven’t paid a cent. Complaints about the loot boxes and limited roster aside I’m impressed with the surprisingly functional combat system and this game is probably the closest a Tekken portable title has ever come to capturing the aesthetic presentation of modern entries in the franchise.


The Next ‘Tales of’ Title Will Be An F2P iOS Game

Posted on July 6, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Tales of the Rays, the next entry in the storied action RPG franchise will launch on iOS devices & Google Android later this summer Bandai Namco announced today. Like last year’s Tales of Link, Rays will be a free to play title with multiple currencies but it is not yet known how these currencies will be used and if the content will be gated behind a paywall.

With the monetization details out of the way – what does Tales of the Rays have to offer that would put it on par with the regular console releases? Thanks to the increasing power of mobile phones, Bandai Namco says it is poised to offer console quality 3D graphics and the full Linear Motion Battle System to a Mobile title for the first time. Players will tap on the screen to do basic attacks and swipe in different directions to pull off their artes special moves. Special attacks called “Mirage Artes” can be upgraded to unleash devastating hidden moves that can be woven into your existing combos.  Overall it sounds like the devs have made a serious effort to adapt the series combat system to the limitations of touch screens.

Like 2007’s PSP exclusive Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, Tales of Ray will see multiple characters across a number of titles interact with one another. Quests will be divided amongst various chapters – each containing highlights and callbacks to specific Tales of entries. Completing a quest line can provide unlocks such as the battle music and overworld themes from a number of titles.

No solid release date other than “summer 2017” and the fact that one of the screenshots on the official website clearly shows five different currencies does have me a bit concerned. Here’s hoping that Tales of Rays will be a solid mobile entry in the franchise and will provide hours of entertaining content for series veterans and newcomers alike – regardless if we fork over realm money for imaginary gems or not.

Update: Here is the official trailer.


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown E3 2017 Screenshots and Trailer Released

Posted on June 15, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

E3 is coming to a close today but there is still tons of screenshots, trailers and news to go through. Namco Bandai reminds all of us that Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is coming to both PlayStation 4, PSVR and PC in 2018 with the release of a brand new trailer and a series of screenshots. This latest trailer gives us a lot more background into the story of Skies Unknown – with one of the military powers in the world of Ace Combat occupying the International Space Elevator the world is plunged into chaos and military conflict.  The newly released screenshots give us a look inside one of the game’s hangers, a close-up view of an  F-14 and several select screengrabs from the trailer itself.

There is still no confirmed release date for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

Youtuber PS360HD got a 10 minute direct-feed gameplay capture from this year’s E3 conference if you’d like to see how Ace Combat 7 Plays:

E3 2017 Trailer

E3 2017 Screenshots


First Footage of Ace Combat 7 Running On PSVR

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Seven minutes of footage from ACE Combat 7’s PlayStation VR mode was filmed was released via YouTube this weekend. The footage isn’t exactly the most enthralling considering it is the TV screen output of a VR experience filmed off a screen at Bandai’s Thank You Celebration in Korea but it does give us a few hints at how the PSVR mode will work. 

Ace Combat 7 was announced back at PSX 2015 and is a direct sequel to 2007’s Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The VR cockpit mode and the main campaign are said to be two separate modes, meaning that the VR experience should be designed from the ground up for a headset without compromising features that players on traditional screens would expect.

No release date has been announced but the game did get a new trailer few weeks back which I’ve embedded above. If want to see the VR cockpit mode in action and don’t mind low quality footage, I’ve embedded that below.



Tales of Berseria Gets a Western Release Date & Collector’s Edition

Posted on October 11, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Bandai Namco has announced the North American and European ship dates for their upcoming action RPG Tales of Berseria along with new details about the game’s limited collector’s edition. Tales of Berseria will ship on both Steam and PlayStation 4 on January 27th 2017 in Europe and January 24th 2017 in North America.

Fans looking for will have to act fast because it will be limited to a production run of 1500 copies according to a press release issued by the publisher. It is not known if this allotment will be divided between the North American & European regions or if each has their own 1500 Collector’s Editions up for grabs.


As for what $199.99 CDN will get you, here is the complete list according to the official Tales Of blog:

  • Tales of Berseria game
  • The Collector’s Edition box
  • 2 Chibi Kyun characters figures (Laphicet and Velvet)
  • 3 Metal Coins
  • Exclusive Bienfu metal case (to complete your Mascots metal case collection)
  • Game soundtrack
  • Artbook
  • Starter strategy guide

Everyone who pre-orders the game will be given a limit edition set of collectible pins featuring characters from the game. Also available (depending on region) will be a limited edition keychain for those who pre-order.

Here is a look at both pre-order bonuses:



Tales of Berseria was originally this past August for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Odd that the PS3 version has been omitted for the western release but perhaps it has something to do with absolutely massive adoption the PS4 was seen in recent years.


Lee Revealed For Tekken 7: Fated Retribution In New Trailer

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Bandai Namco has announced a brand new addition to the roster in the form of a returning character that will be added to the console release of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution – Lee has been revealed. He got it his start in the original Tekken all the way on the PlayStation 1 and now he’s making an exclusive appearance in the Console / PC ports of Tekken 7.

I got the chance to try out Tekken 7 briefly at E3 2016 on Xbox One – check out my impressions here. Alongside Lee’s reveal trailer Bandi Namco also released several screenshots of the character in action.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution is expected to be released on Xbox One, PC and P4 in the first quarter of 2017.


Tekken 7 Confirmed For Early 2017 Release On PC

Posted on June 26, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 PC Release will be available in Early 2017 via Steam. Confirmation of this comes as the official Steam Page for the game has gone live – you can view it right here.

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference the game was confirmed for both Windows PC & Xbox One with a trailer showcasing a battle between long time series antagonist Heihachi and new guest character, Street Fighter’s Akuma.

Tekken 7 is also expected to be released on PlayStation 4, although the publisher only had the Xbox One version of the game on display at E3, which we got the chance to play.

Here is the official description of Tekken 7 from the Steam Page:

Love, Revenge, Pride. Everyone has a reason to fight. Values are what define us and make us human, regardless of our strengths or weaknesses. There are no wrong motives, just the paths we choose to take.

Experience the epic conclusion of the Mishima clan and unravel the reasons behind each step of their ceaseless fight. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, TEKKEN 7 features stunning story-driven cinematic battles and intense duels that can be enjoyed with friends and rivals alike through innovative fight mechanics.


The Third Party E3 2016 Booths In Pictures

Posted on June 20, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

E3 Logo

There were absolutely dozens upon dozens of booths with hundreds of interactive experiences for attendees to try. Fionna and I tried to see as many booths as we could and play as many games as humanly possible with only six hours of floor time per day. Here is a visual rundown of some of the 3rd party booths – so not Microsoft, Sony or other major console manufacturers – from both the North and South Hall.  


Just outside of the South Hall cafeteria was a small multi-part booth for the recently released 10 Cloverfield Lane. If you read my review of the film when it hit theatres last Spring you’ll know that I absolutely love the franchise. The booth in South Hall was complete with a functional jukebox and board games that attendees could play. A little odd for a movie to have a booth at E3 but hey it works. 


Near the back of the IndieCade booth in Sout Hall was a small game called _Transfer being demonstrated off of the main programmer’s laptop. This game has a sci-fi / cyberpunk feel and from the 10 minute demo that I played gave me the same kind of feelings that Analogue: A Hate Story gave him – memories and identity are at the core of this unique experience. 


The folks from Kona were at E3 also at the IndieCade booth, unfortunately all I saw was their laptop with a wallpaper. No developers were on hand for my time at the Indiecade booth 🙁 


A number of unique experiences were on offer at the IndieCade booth include a real life adventure game set in an 8 year old’s bedroom, indie titles like Inversus and it was one of the only spaces where people could sit together on an actual play together.  




Natsume had a medium sized booth complete with an inflatable tree, Harvest Moon demo-stations and the chance for fans to get some awesome swag provided that they play all four titles available at the booth.  



Rebellion showcased Sniper Elite 4 in a pretty sweet lounge.




Some general shots of both Halls, the crowd outside on Day 2 and other general areas of the convention.



Capcom went all out for their E3 experience: A dilapidated demo theatre for the stealth announcement of Resident Evil 7, A replica of the actual courtroom from the Ace Attorney franchise complete with fans shouting “OBJECTION!”  and a playable demo of Dead Rising 4 being played alongside members of the Capcom Vancouver development team. Of course some of our collegues have found that playing Resident Evil 7 in VR can be a bit of a nightmare!



Square Enix brought a lot of stuff to E3 -their booth had several stations for Final Fantasy XVStar Ocean VKingdom Hearts 2.8Final Fantasy XII HD and more. It would have been easy to lose an entire day of E3 to the offerings at Square Enix’s booth alone. Don’t forget that Kingdom Hearts 2.8 includes new content not found in other games – if you missed the E3 trailer from a few days ago check it out here.

IMG_0858 IMG_0855



That’s it! The conclusion of our 2016 3rd party booth tour in pictures. Do you think that a number of the games announced at E3 will be successful? Let us know which booth from E3 was your favorite in the comments below.

Just to recap some of the biggest games we’ve seen so far at E3 2016: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Lawbreakers, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Resident Evil 7, Death Striding and Gravity Rush 2. AAA publishers like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo alongside smaller indie develoeprs brought their best games to this year’s E3 Expo!



Project C.A.R.S Gets VR Support With Upcoming Oculus Rift Patch

Posted on January 20, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Last years’ Project C.A.R.S will be receiving an update this coming March which will enable stereoscopic 3D and head-tracking support for the consumer model of the Oculus Rift. Presumably this support will be delivered via a game update and will be free to all who own the game on Windows PC.

Slightly Mad Studios has said on their forums that they are tinkering with a number of improvements for the game internally. They are currently using the 0.8 SDK + Driver Set but are waiting for the consumer focused drivers to be released by Oculus before releasing the patch to the public.

Here’s the full quote from their forums:

“We’re internally working with the post 0.8 SDK that will be released along with the headset. We have a bunch of updates and features in the works already, but due to the newer SDK only rolling out to the general public when Oculus releases the headset, the Project CARS Oculus Rift updates will also be released at that time, right when you guys will be receiving your shiny new CV1 headsets.”

It is exciting to see developers go back and add VR support to their titles post-release. It certainly helps bump up the number of titles early adaptors will be able to play on the hardware without the compromises that 3D non-native VR can bring.

Project C.A.R.S was originally released on May 7th 2015 for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset will be supported on the PS4 version of C.A.R.S and has been demo’d at a few trade shows including TGS.

Some folks who have the development version of the Oculus Rift have already moded Project C.A.R.S to run on the hardware. Slightly Mad Studios has also been huge proponents of VR, stating that:

“Virtual reality is a perfect fit for racing games since the game world literally comes rushing towards you from the distance and the increased sense of depth and speed that stereoscopic vision affords you makes this incredibly real and tangible. So when you’re racing you get a much better perception of distances and position and you feel far more enveloped by that world rather than just looking through a window at it.”



Tales of Berseria Announced For PS4 and PC North American Release

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

In news that is sure to delight fans of the long running Tales of series, such as myself, Bandai Namco has confirmed via a brand new trailer that the latest entry Tales of Berseria will be releasing sometime in the west for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

In their announcement blog post the publisher briefly described the game like this:

The next game in the long running “Tales of” series is Tales of Berseria, a tale of emotion versus reason! Coming on PlayStation 4 and PC Digital including Steam, the story will focus on Velvet, the first female solo main character. You will embark on a journey and assume the role of Velvet, a young woman whose once gentle nature has been replaced and overcome with a festering anger and hatred after a traumatic experience three years prior to the events within TALES OF BERSERIA imbued her left hand with a special ability.

Berseria like other modern entries, like this year’s Tales of Zestiria, will bring some changes to the established combat formula. Here’s what the development team is trying with Berseria:

  1. The player’s default control is free run
  2. The player can rotate the camera freely
  3. The player can assign multiple artes to any of the four buttons: ○, ×, △ and □, allowing different artes to be linked together in attack combinations.

Are you excited for the newly announced western release of Tales of Berseria? The game was originally announced this past April for a 2016 release in Japan but it looks like it’ll be more of a worldwide affair!

[youtube id=”b2vt1MM2SyY”]



Watch the First 2 Hours of Tales of Zestiria Right Here

Posted on October 21, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Are you excited to try out Bandai Namco’s latest JRPG Tales of Zestiria but haven’t had the chance to pick it up? Last night we started to livestream the game over on our Twitch Channel and we made it through the first 2 hours of the game yesterday evening. During our livestream we not only give commentary on the game’s events but also use Twitter to check in with the Tales Community and see what others are up too.

You can watch a re-cap of yesterday’s stream below. Make sure to follow our twitter and tune in later tonight when we stream at least a few more hours of Tales of Zestiria.

[youtube id=”QPlHsaaCw_Q”]


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Set For a Feb 2nd Western Release

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Digimon Cyber Sleuth will not only be getting a physical and digital release in North American  on Feb 2nd 2016 for PlayStation 4 and (digital only) PS Vita but Bandai Namco have also announced a number of extra bonuses for those who pre-order.

Players who put down some cash on the physical PS4 release will receive the following:

  • Black color variant for Agumon and Gabumon
  • Two new Digimon exclusive to the Western release of the game: Beezlebumon (Blast Mode) and Cherubimon
  • Agumon “Tachi Yagami” Costume Set
  • Agumon male and female “Hero” Costume Set
  • Useful Item Set: Hunter USB, Full Revive x2 (can revive all fainted Digimon 100% HP), Brave Point C x3 (Giving one Digimon +10,000 EXP)

Digimon Cyber Sleuth takes place in the near-future where occurrences in the digital world are common place. As the teenage protagonist it’s up to you to solve the game’s mysteries! Here’s a brief rundown on Cyber Sleuth’s  features that Bandai Namco released:


  • Featuring more than 200 Digimon from the animated series!
  • Become a detective to investigate and gather clues to solve the digital mystery!
  • Turn-based battles return! Connect attacks together for more powerful combos!
  • Scan, raise, train and battle Digimon. Digivolve to unlock more powerful forms!
  • Traverse and explore the vivid and immersive environments of the real & digital worlds.

Also here’s one of the game’s trailers:

[youtube id=”wQ31bu_8vlY”]



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