Project C.A.R.S Gets VR Support With Upcoming Oculus Rift Patch

Last years’ Project C.A.R.S will be receiving an update this coming March which will enable stereoscopic 3D and head-tracking support for the consumer model of the Oculus Rift. Presumably this support will be delivered via a game update and will be free to all who own the game on Windows PC.

Slightly Mad Studios has said on their forums that they are tinkering with a number of improvements for the game internally. They are currently using the 0.8 SDK + Driver Set but are waiting for the consumer focused drivers to be released by Oculus before releasing the patch to the public.

Here’s the full quote from their forums:

“We’re internally working with the post 0.8 SDK that will be released along with the headset. We have a bunch of updates and features in the works already, but due to the newer SDK only rolling out to the general public when Oculus releases the headset, the Project CARS Oculus Rift updates will also be released at that time, right when you guys will be receiving your shiny new CV1 headsets.”

It is exciting to see developers go back and add VR support to their titles post-release. It certainly helps bump up the number of titles early adaptors will be able to play on the hardware without the compromises that 3D non-native VR can bring.

Project C.A.R.S was originally released on May 7th 2015 for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset will be supported on the PS4 version of C.A.R.S and has been demo’d at a few trade shows including TGS.

Some folks who have the development version of the Oculus Rift have already moded Project C.A.R.S to run on the hardware. Slightly Mad Studios has also been huge proponents of VR, stating that:

“Virtual reality is a perfect fit for racing games since the game world literally comes rushing towards you from the distance and the increased sense of depth and speed that stereoscopic vision affords you makes this incredibly real and tangible. So when you’re racing you get a much better perception of distances and position and you feel far more enveloped by that world rather than just looking through a window at it.”


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