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Yakuza 0 Review

Game Reviewed By: John Bridgman Evaluating an installment of an established franchise offers particular challenges. Do you look at it in a vacuum, or as a part of the bigger picture? Should a title stand on its own, or work necessarily […]


Yakuza 0 Hands-On Preview

Previewed By: John Bridgman The Yakuza games have always been a peculiar mix of gritty crime drama, bombastic martial arts, goofy side stories, and lots of minigames. Yakuza 0 is no exception, blending its cinematic storytelling with an almost overwhelming amount […]


Retro-View: Okami HD (PS3)

Review By Maria Maximoff Okami is without a doubt the best example of how a video game can be a work of art. From the moment you start your first playthrough you are introduced to a vibrant world inspired by […]


The Elder Scrolls Legends Open Beta Impressions

Impressions By: John Edward Bridgman Follow Him On Twitter @JEBWrench The Following Impressions Were Based Upon The Open Beta of The Elder Scrolls Legends. You can sign up for the Open Beta on their official website if you’ve enjoyed these impressions. Ideally, I would prefer […]


No Man’s Sky Review: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Exploring

Review written by John Edward Bridgman – follow him on Twitter at @JEBWrench!   Finally, after all the speculation, articles, and setbacks, Hello Games’ space explorer No Man’s Sky is here. We are finally able to answer the question, “What is No […]


Roccat SOVA Hardware Review

Review by: J. C. Campbell The Roccat Sova is a handsome black illuminated PC keyboard and mouse pad for your lap. It’s designed to deliver the same control you’d expect from a normal desktop setup, but in your lap. Either […]


2016’s greatest solo and multiplayer PC gaming options

There have definitely been some massive gaming treats for PC gamers so far in 2016, so whether you’re into advanced multiplayer battle games, or even some solitary casino titles, here’s a quick run-down of the PC games you have to […]


Rigged Up: Steel Series M500 and Sibera 350 Review

Review by: j.c. campbell The SteelSeries Apex M500 mechanical keyboard is a good mechanical keyboard at an excellent price. $99 buys you a full-size backlit mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX red switches. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options: you can have any […]


Mushroom Wars | Review

Mushroom Wars, the acclaimed PS3 strategy game by Creat Studios, has made its way to PC. On its surface, Mushroom Wars comes across as a cutesy game that might be better suited to children than adults, with a simplistic art […]


Wreckfest Dev Bugbear Files For Bankruptcy

Bugbear Entertainment, developers of the highly anticipated Next Car Game (later renamed Wreckfest) have filed for bankruptcy. The news surfaced from Finnish financial information website,, when it published a list of all Finnish companies that had file for bankruptcy in March […]


Further Oculus Rift Delays Due To Microsoft?

Today Oculus announced further delays on Rift shipments, potentially as long as two months for some customers, sparking outrage amongst VR fans. The company confirmed once again that the delay was due to a component shortage, and that they were shipping […]


Rise From Your Grave! Can Arcades Come Back?

Ahh the 80’s… Slightly before my time as I was born in ‘91, but thanks to older relatives’ hand-me-downs of computers like the Commodore 64 & ZX Spectrum, being raised on reruns of classic cartoons (and the odd horror film […]


Oculus Rift Launch. Things Begin to Look Up

The 28th of March was the exciting big launch date of the Oculus Rift, when the premium VR headset would ship to those who had pre-ordered it. Except… It didn’t. Oculus originally generated a lot of excitement by shipping some […]


Warframe – Proving F2P Can Work

Author’s note: The free-to-play pricing model I discuss here is in regards to games that can be played without spending any money, rather than the label that MMORPG games use when they don’t require a subscription fee (but still do […]


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Leaked Day Ahead Of Nintendo Direct Conference, a website known for hunting down info and posting it to the public before their official announcements, has just leaked the names and logo’s for the new Pokemon games. Nintendo has registered the trademarks of “ Pokemon Moon” and […]