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Speed Up Your Mac With These Tips

Posted on February 17, 2021 by Broken Joysticks

What Are Some Ways to Improve Your Mac’s Speed?

If your Macbook is not performing the way you want, finishing work or enjoying entertainment can be too difficult.

Some people go as far as thinking that they need a replacement. More often than not, the reality is quite different, and you can salvage the current Macbook model of yours without spending money on a new computer.

Are you interested in finding out how to improve the Macbook’s performance speed? If so, read the rest of this article and take advantage of its information.

Way #1 – Quit Redundant Applications

Quitting background applications should be one of the first things you need to do. Macbooks are like other computers in the sense that they have a finite amount of resources. If redundant background apps consume a part of system resources, one should not expect to have an optimally performing Mac.

You can see active apps in the Activity Monitor tool. It also allows you to sort processes by memory and GPU usage to provide a better understanding of which apps are consuming the most resources.

Besides apps, you should also pay attention to visual effects. Gimmicks like a backlit keyboard are a good example. Ask yourself whether you really need to enable these effects when they offer no real value.

Way #2 – Create Enough Free Disk Space

Do not end up in a situation when there are only a few gigabytes of free storage on the Macbook’s drive. Solid-state drives are one of the most important computer hardware pieces, and cluttering it with junk will spell performance troubles.

Aim to have at least 10 to 15 percent of total Mac drive storage free. In case you are struggling to reach these numbers, check the computer files thoroughly and figure out what you can delete or transfer to external storage.

Way #3 – Buy a Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is a good investment, particularly if you need to use the Macbook in a poorly ventilated room. Overheating is more or less inevitable, and laptops do not have the best hardware to sustain resource-heavy applications, particularly something like video games.

Using a cooling pad means that there is an additional source of cool air. The accessory is relatively cheap and should come in handy. Also, if you want to reduce the Macbook’s overheating and loud internal fan noise even more, get in the habit of cleaning the filth that accumulates inside the computer. 

Way #4 – Check for Potential Malware

Do not believe articles that claim how Macbooks are not prone to cybersecurity threats. Sure, on average, macOS may be safer than other operating systems, but there is still plenty of malware and viruses that may attack your computer.

Besides having reliable antivirus software that scans and eliminates computer threats, you should also enable the firewall and use virtual private networks. The latter, in particular, is great when you have to join public Wi-Fi that lacks the necessary security protocols. VPNs provide you with a different IP address and encrypt data, making it harder for potential attackers to track you.

Way #5 – Prioritize macOS Updates

Some people are reluctant to prioritize macOS updates because it takes too long to download and install these updates. However, it may be that missing the most recent macOS version is one of the main reasons why your Macbook has been underperforming.

System updates introduce the latest features, security patches, and performance improvements. An update might take a while to finish downloading and installing, but you should still get them for your Mac at your earliest convenience. 

Way #6 – Upgrade Hardware

Upgrading hardware can be a bit expensive, but if you are not in a hurry, you could wait for an upcoming holiday season when computer accessories and hardware go on sale. That should help you save at least some money. 

Now, as for what you should consider upgrading or buying, there are a few options worth mentioning. First of all, if your Mac model is compatible, replace the hard drive with a solid-state drive. SSDs may have less storage available, but they are a much better option in terms of performance speed.

Adding extra memory is also quite common, especially given how cheap RAM is. Finally, and this one may be a bit of a stretch in some cases, consider an external graphics processing unit. 

Way #7 – Declutter Startup Item List

Restarting the Macbook is one of the fastest ways to improve its performance. However, you may not be that keen to restart it regularly if there are too many applications in the startup item list.

You can disable startup applications in the System Preferences. If you do not need an app to start when you boot the computer, uncheck the app’s box. Once you restart the Macbook, you will notice how faster it loads without startup applications getting in the computer’s way. 


The Best Games We Played 2017: A Hat In Time

Posted on December 28, 2017 by Broken Joysticks

Contributor Victoria Rose shares her thoughts on the best game she played this year – A Hat In Time. Over the next week, into early 2017, our editors will be sharing their picks for the best game they played this year. They’ll also be sharing some of their choices for runner-up. “The Best Games We Played 2017” is a reflection of the year that was in interactive entertainment for our editors and contributors. To be eligible for mention in TBGWP 2017 a title need not be released this year, our editors and contributors simply must have played it.

2017 was the year in which we all desperately needed a break that we never got. Something to take our minds off of the awfulness of the world around us and remind us what in life makes us happy. A Hat in Time is the closest thing that I got to that break in 2017, but even it couldn’t escape getting marred by scandal. On its own merits, A Hat in Time is a joyous, adorable, expertly-designed 3D platforming treasure that has been polished to a mirror shine, and a game which can confidently stand alongside titans of its genre. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had this much fun with a platformer. Each of the game’s worlds is fleshed out with vibrant, memorable characters and unique level designs. The locomotion controls are more logical and approachable than that of its contemporary Super Mario Odyssey while offering just as much depth to its platforming. The latter may be a more professionally-made game with far more content and development talent, but it simply cannot match the care put into each level and world of A Hat in Time. I adore every moment of this game, and we are richer for its existence.

However, it would not be 2017 without a bad apple spoiling even the sweetest of bunches. It is not responsible nor ethical to discuss A Hat in Time without condemning the actions of project lead Jonas Kaerlav. Stealing artists’ work while creating whole websites to defame and silence them, firing members of the team for petty and personal reasons, and refusing to remove vocal white supremacist Jon Jafari as a voice actor in the game, even after Playtonic Games did the right thing and removed him from their own game’s voice actor lineup. This man has a rap sheet a mile long, and it is impossible not to bring up when discussing the game. The fact that A Hat in Time is one of the best platformers of all time with level and input design unmatched amongst its peers does not matter when those same designer associates with Nazi sympathizers and refuses to pay artists. Real lives are affected here, and it is irresponsible to ignore that. And that is a damn shame because A Hat in Time truly is a masterpiece. It’s undoubtedly my favorite game of the year, and I want to play through the game a dozen more times right away. I want to cosplay Hat Kid. I want to draw fanart. I want to design my own games inspired by this. I WANT to love this game. But sometimes life is more complicated than that. Sometimes you have to accept that even the things you love bear a tragic hamartia. Sometimes, life can just be one nasty, foul 2017.


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