Scream “NERF THIS” At Your Opponents With This Official Overwatch Headset

The stylistic headgear worn by Blizzard’s fictional pro Starcraft player, D.VA , can soon be yours with the announcement of a line of officially licensed peripherals based around everyone’s favorite gremlin.  

Razer will be releasing Razer Meka Headset, styled after the iconic headgear and color scheme that D.VA sports with her default outfit in Overwatch. Seriously look at the screen grab from the trailer below, I honestly screamed when I saw this headset – it’s perfect for protecting the payload! 

The Razer Abyssus Elite mouse sports the purple and pink aesthetic that D.VA is known for combined with the matte black used in a lot of Razer’s product line. Don’t let the cute bunny emblem at the bottom of the mouse fool you, it is packing enough punch to handle any number of actions per minute. According to the official site, the Abyssus supports up to 7200 DPI and Razer’s Chroma custom lighting technology.  

Last up is the Razer Goliathus mouse pad which sports a giant version of D.VA’s bunny emblem complete with racing stripes also styled after her default look. Accented by cute bubbles and pink Razer Logo this mouse pad completes the trio of brand new Overwatch accessories. 

In terms of price, the Goliathus is the cheapest of the three at $20.00 USD. The D.VA Abyssus Gaming Mouse has a retail price of $59.99 USD and both of these are available now. That sweet looking D.VA headset, however, is currently listed as “coming soon”, so we’ll bring you an update on that as soon as we have it. 





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