Animal Crossing 3DS Gets English Subtitle, Trailer

Posted on October 25, 2012 by Jeff Wade

The housing market might still be in a rough spot, but if you think you can do any better Nintendo’s latest Animal Crossing is set to give you the chance to play out all of your animal related mogul fantasies.

Freshly minted as Animal Crossing: New Leaf , the 3DS title places players in the role of the town mayor. Players will decide what buildings and projects to work on for the town and will have the ability to dictate shop hours among other similar corrupt abuses of power.

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How To Use Xenia Emulator

Posted on October 25, 2012 by Jeff Wade

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Have you ever been wondering if it’s possible to play the Xbox games on your PC? Well, guess what – you actually can! The thing is, you need to install an emulator to do that. If you are not quite sure about what an emulator is, where to get it for free (because who wants to pay for entertainment?) and how to use it, then you would be ecstatic about the fact that we have prepared a whole step-by-step that will answer all the questions you might have floating around in your head! Shall we go in?

An Xbox 360 is considered as one of the best video game consoles that have been developed by Microsoft – and we simply cannot argue with that! It offers so many wonderful features that can be accessed via “Xbox live”, which is its official online service. You can do anything with an Xbox 360 – from downloading and playing all the cool games to streaming music videos. Yes, it really is that grand, believe it or not. It is said to have competed with Wii by Nintendo and even Sony’s PlayStation 3. Sounds pretty cool, right?

And if you want to get a hold of it, yet you don’t really have that much money, then you would be happy to know that you can run many of the Xbox 360 games on your standard Windows PC simply by using the Xenia Xbox 360 emulator! Xenia is the only legitimate one we would recommend you. You can play some of your favorite games in a semi-playable state, yet it is constantly being improved, so don’t you think it will always be glitchy if you happen to have noticed one or two of those.

Xenia is great because it does exactly what it claims to do. Today, it is compatible with over forty-five Xbox 360 games at their full speed and full quality, making it the best emulator for an Xbox 360 that can be used on a PC or a Mac computer. Intrigued? Well, here’s how to download it and use it!

Before we go into it, we have to inform you that Xenia can only be used if your computer of choice has the following characteristics (it might work with other computers that have pretty decent rigs, yet the Windows version has to be one of the latest ones – otherwise the emulator won’t be supported):

– It has the Windows 8.1 operative system (or later versions of it)

– It has 8GB RAM

– The processor it has is the Intel Core i3-3240 one

– It has the GeForce GTX 750 Ti

How to install the Xbox 360 Xenia Emulator for your computer

To start with, download the latest version of Xenia from yep download.

A zip file will be downloaded on to your computer straight away.

Extract it from the archive it’s in by using different softwares that you can find on the Internet.

Click to open the .exe file for it.

That’s it! You are done with the installation process! Ease breezy, wasn’t it?

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NiGHTS into DREAMS… | Review

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Much like listening in on someone’s dreams, NiGHTS into Dreams… is endlessly fascinating to those experiencing it but incomprehensible to anyone listening in.

First released on the Sega Saturn 16 years ago, NiGHTS (hencforth just Nights for the sake of copy editors everywhere) was Sonic Team’s big push for the console, an ambitious game that aimed to accurately convey the feeling of flight just as their namesake aimed to capture the sensation of speed. This re-release comes in two flavors; a no frills rendering of the original as seen in 1996 and an HD upscale of the 2008 Japan only PS2 remake.Read More


Anarchy Reigns gets Western Date and price cut

Posted on October 19, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Platinum Games’ arena brawler/semi Madworld sequel Anarchy Reigns was originally set for a release this summer, before a last minute delay by publisher SEGA pushed it in to 2013. Now, the game is finally set to enter the ring early next year and will come with a budget price.

The studio announced today via Twitter that the open world fighter will hit American markets on January 8 at a reduced $29.99 price point. Europe will get it a few days latter on January 11 at a similarly reduced price point.

Platinum Games has expressed frustration in the past about the international release of Anarcy Reigns. Originally released in July in Japan, localization and devolpment was already completed and full English text and voice acting is included on that version of the game.

Anarchy Reigns was the last title in SEGA’s publishing deal with Platinum, and the complications with its release caused some concern about the health of the studio. Considering the incresasingly rosy relationship with the studio and Nintendo on Wii-U projects The Wonderful 101 and Bayonneta 2 as well as Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima stating that he would only do a sequel to the action spin off Metal Gear Rising Revengance with the team at Platinum offer some peace of mind for fans of the action developer.


Mutant Mudds Free DLC Update Hits 3DS This Week

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Renegade Kid’s pixel platformer Mutant Mudds gained a lot of attention when it hit the 3DS eShop last year, and picked up some more when the PC version released with bonus content a few months back. But early adopters of the 3DS version will be excited to know the additional content from the PC release will hit Nintendo’s portable this week as a free update.

The new levels put you in control of main character Max’s helpful grandmother, as she battles with the titular Mudds with waterpack and gun in hand. Granny’s levels will utilize all three of the game’s updates, resulting in levels even more devious and challenging than the ones in the main game.Read More


Darkstalkers Digital Collection Announced, Teaser Shown

Posted on October 12, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Kicking off New York Comic Con with a scare, Capcom announced plans to release a collection of titles from their monster button masher Darkstalkers series for digital release in early 2013, and continued to fan the flames of a full on sequel.

Darkstalkers Resurrection will bundle the series second game Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge along with the beloved Darkstalkers 3 together in one digital bundle. The collection is being handled by Iron Galaxy and will come with the same filters, GGPO online play and dynamic challenges that were seen in their ports of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition and more recently in Marvel vs. Capcom Origins.

The digital title will run $14.99 on PSN and 1200 Microsoft points on XBLA, and will release when the full moon of the new year wanes to the early days of the new. Or early 2013, your preference.Read More


Nintendo Announces 3DS Digital Releases for 2012

Posted on October 4, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Nintendo fans in America might not have gotten the fancy broadcast and official Nintendo Direct that their European breathren received  but  NoA outlined their 3DS digital release for the rest of the year this afternoon.

The biggest surprise came in a sequel to the eShop’s best game Pushmo in the form of Crashmo, coming November 22. The sequel keeps the same pushing and pulling puzzle mechanics, but blocks will fall out from under others offering a twist on the first game’s mechanics. Previously announced Fluidity: Spin Cycle and NightSky will also hit the eShop this year.

Three of the four games in Level 5’s Guild o1 collection will be released as separate digital releases in America. Suda 51’s shooter Liberation Maiden, Yoot Saito’s simulation Aero Porto and RPG Crimson Shroud will band together in journeying to western shores.

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Select digital 3DS games get Donkey Kong: Original Edition free

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Now until January 6, 2013, purchasing select games digitally on the 3DS eShop will net you a free copy of Donkey Kong: Original Edition when you register your game at Club Nintendo.

Titles like the now available Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone and Crosswords Plus are the first available releases eligable for the bonus, with Style Savvy: Trendsetters joining them on October 22.

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Mark of the Ninja to get Steam Release October 16

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Did Mark of the Ninja sneak by you when it released last month on XBLA? Well the 2D stealth hit is about to make an apperance on PC, via the ninja distribution platform of choice Steam.

Klei got in touch with Rock, Paper, Shotgun today to announce the game in an entirelly unstealthy and unninja like way. Lead designer Nels Anderson confirmed that the port would not be using Games for Windows Live and that it will contain tweaks to take full advantage of the new platform.

The move was not completely unexpected, as the ninja’s hinted at their announcement by an appearance in the Steam registry.

PC gamers won’t have to wait long. Mark of the Ninja infiltrates Steam on October 16, and will run you $15.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Invades Steam

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Jeff Wade

A demo with two missions for Firaxis’ upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown hits Steam today, offering a taste of the battle against alien invasion ahead of its October 9 release date.

Firaxis’s XCOM reboot, not to be confused with 2K Marin’s delayed FPS game, returns to the series’ strategy roots, with plenty of research, experimentation and turn based battles to go around. The reboot plans to address the original game’s steep learning curve while maintaing the depth that made it so loved.

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Trials Evolution Comes to PC, Rides Tandem Bike with Trials HD

Posted on September 6, 2012 by Jeff Wade

In a move bound to excite keyboard manufacturers, RedLynx’s Trial series is making the jump back to PC with the recently announced Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.  

The PC release will collect all of the base content of this year’s Trials Evolution but will also extended the pain with all of the content from 2009’s Trials HD, including all DLC and expansions released for that game. This brings the total ammount of masochistic motocross to more than 120 tracks, minigames and multiplayer levels.

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Joe Danger: The Movie Hits Red Carpet September 14

Posted on September 5, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Joe Danger is coming out of retirement, and the stuntman will take off on his bike (and skis and ATVs and jetpacks) once again on September 14.

Fitting for a movie, Hello Games will be deploying their follow-up on a Friday rather than on the tradational Wednesday XBLA release slot. The bigger sequel offers more vehicle variety, as well as new variations on the platforming present in the first game.

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Phoenix Wright Returns in Ace Attorney 5

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu promised big Capcom news earlier this week. Well, the ruling is in, and via Andriasang, we know now the magazine has the scoop on the return of gaming’s favorite attorney.

Teased earlier this year, these are the first concrete details on the long in the works sequels. Phoenix Wright returns, as does the trial based gameplay last seen in Apollo Justice Ace Attorney. As speculated, the series will make the jump to 3DS.

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Escape Goat makes a break for browsers, Steam Greenlight

Posted on August 31, 2012 by Jeff Wade

It might be a little early for starting the weekend, but MagicalTimeBean’s puzzle platformer Escape Goat is temporarily available to play in full on the game’s website.

Escape Goat started life as an Xbox Live Indie Game, before making it to the PC and included in June’s Indie Royale bundle. Now ported to HTML 5 and running in a browser, the charmingly retro game stars a goat imprissioned for witchcraft, and he’ll have to do plenty of double jumping and ramming to get through all of the dungeons puzzles. Read More


Torchlight 2 Releases on September 20

Posted on August 31, 2012 by Jeff Wade

This year’s other long awaited hack and slash sequel finally has a release date, as devolpers Runic Games took to their fourms to announce a September 2o release date for Torchlight II. 

The date sees the game just beating out the Fall Equinox to make the team’s oft projected Summer 2012 release frame. And after a long devolpment process, the wait to actually get your hands on it will be pretty short, arrive in just three weeks from now.

Fans of loots and drops will have a busy week has the follow-up releases two days after Borderlands 2, ensuring

The team plans a fuller and more complete reveal and announcement latter today to coincide with the kick off of PAX Prime, where it’ll be playable on the show floor..

Torchlight II will hit PCs for $19.99, with Runic promising work on a Mac port will start after the PC version ships. No definitive plans on any console version at this point, but considering the succsees of the first game on XBLA, it shouldn’t be ruled out.


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