Trials Evolution Comes to PC, Rides Tandem Bike with Trials HD

Posted on September 6, 2012 by Jeff Wade

In a move bound to excite keyboard manufacturers, RedLynx’s Trial series is making the jump back to PC with the recently announced Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.  

The PC release will collect all of the base content of this year’s Trials Evolution but will also extended the pain with all of the content from 2009’s Trials HD, including all DLC and expansions released for that game. This brings the total ammount of masochistic motocross to more than 120 tracks, minigames and multiplayer levels.

Assumedly what took them so long was getting up that goddamn hill, no why are you flipping over don’t you know that your wheels are supposed to be on the ground not in the sky I mean what the hell timed XBLA exclusivity.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is revved up for a early 2013 release date. No pricing information has been announced.

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