XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Invades Steam

A demo with two missions for Firaxis’ upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown hits Steam today, offering a taste of the battle against alien invasion ahead of its October 9 release date.

Firaxis’s XCOM reboot, not to be confused with 2K Marin’s delayed FPS game, returns to the series’ strategy roots, with plenty of research, experimentation and turn based battles to go around. The reboot plans to address the original game’s steep learning curve while maintaing the depth that made it so loved.

A console rollout for the demo is planned but has no specific date.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown  is a part of Valve’s pre-order rewards program, Pre-ordering the game now gets you exclusive items for both XCOM and for Team Fortress 2. If enough customers pre-order the game, a free copy of Civilization 5 will be thrown in.

You can grab the demo yourself here.



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