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Developers of the XCOM ‘Long War’ mod form a new studio

Today the developers of the popular XCOM mod Long War have announced their forming of a new game development studio, Long War Studios. Their first title to be released under this new endeavor goes by the name Terra Invicta. As detailed […]


The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Details & Trailer

In development at 2K Marin is the newest installment in the XCOM legacy of games titled The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. With the success that the first game on this generation of consoles it was only a matter of time before another […]


XCOM: Enemy Unknown Patch Coming Soon

ApparentlyXCOM: Enemy Unknownis pretty amazing and pretty hard. 2K games has announced the upcoming details of a patch for the well received “reboot” of XCOM. Currently the patch had a TBA release date, but here is what to expect in the […]


XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Invades Steam

A demo with two missions for Firaxis’ upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown hits Steam today, offering a taste of the battle against alien invasion ahead of its October 9 release date. Firaxis’s XCOM reboot, not to be confused with 2K Marin’s […]