September 4, 2012

Phoenix Wright Returns in Ace Attorney 5

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu promised big Capcom news earlier this week. Well, the ruling is in, and via Andriasang, we know now the magazine has the scoop on the return of gaming’s favorite attorney.

Teased earlier this year, these are the first concrete details on the long in the works sequels. Phoenix Wright returns, as does the trial based gameplay last seen in Apollo Justice Ace Attorney. As speculated, the series will make the jump to 3DS.

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Open Resident Evil 6 Demo 9/18

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Broken Joysticks

With Resident Evil 6 so close to release, many of us want to play the game already. Those who had purchased Dragon’s Dogma got early access to the demo. But what if you’re one of those people who didn’t want to buy a game just for a demo? Luckily, Capcom is going to release an open demo in a few weeks.Read More


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