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Mac Users Will Have To Wait A While For Torchlight II

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Seung Lee

Torchlight II, the underdog (in comparison to Borderlands 2) loot amassing RPG from Runic Games, is going to need a few months before it can play on the Mac, according to Runic Games CEO Matt Schaefer. During an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, Schaefer replied to a few questions. One, was about what this article is about, and another was about the possibility of seeing Torchlight II in a Humble Indie Bundle in the future.

Torchlight II is currently out on the PC, however, and it can be purchased through many different digital distribution sources, such as Steam and GameFly. Check out its official site here. See the full Reddit AMA here.


Torchlight 2 Releases on September 20

Posted on August 31, 2012 by Jeff Wade

This year’s other long awaited hack and slash sequel finally has a release date, as devolpers Runic Games took to their fourms to announce a September 2o release date for Torchlight II. 

The date sees the game just beating out the Fall Equinox to make the team’s oft projected Summer 2012 release frame. And after a long devolpment process, the wait to actually get your hands on it will be pretty short, arrive in just three weeks from now.

Fans of loots and drops will have a busy week has the follow-up releases two days after Borderlands 2, ensuring

The team plans a fuller and more complete reveal and announcement latter today to coincide with the kick off of PAX Prime, where it’ll be playable on the show floor..

Torchlight II will hit PCs for $19.99, with Runic promising work on a Mac port will start after the PC version ships. No definitive plans on any console version at this point, but considering the succsees of the first game on XBLA, it shouldn’t be ruled out.


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