Select digital 3DS games get Donkey Kong: Original Edition free

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Now until January 6, 2013, purchasing select games digitally on the 3DS eShop will net you a free copy of Donkey Kong: Original Edition when you register your game at Club Nintendo.

Titles like the now available Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone and Crosswords Plus are the first available releases eligable for the bonus, with Style Savvy: Trendsetters joining them on October 22.

It’s a move of perfect synergy when you stop and think about it. Take things that are meant to reach a wide audience, and bundle it with something that only the staunchest gamer and Billy Mitchell would want.

Professor Layton and the Mircale Mask and Paper Mario Sticker Star will also be eligible when the arrive later this year.

Donkey Kong: Original Edition is a reskinned version of the original NES version that adds in the factory level absent from most console ports. It was previously bundled in Japan with digital purchases of New Super Mario Bros. 2.

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