Author: Eric Bastelak, Author at Broken Joysticks


Infamous: Second Son | Review

After a long wait the first huge Playstation 4 exclusive is here. A new entry in this innovative and fun franchise is welcomed to the next generation of consoles. So how does the game stand up? Is it more of […]


The Banner Saga | Review

What an age we live in as gamers today, where the publisher model of business may no longer be necessary. This is no longer a pipe dream; Broken Age Part 1 released to acclaim and praise. The previously reviewed Shadowrun […]


The Legitimacy Of Youtubers

Tragedy, it is the only word to describe what has happened to the internet over the past week. You Tube’s recent policy changes when it comes to copyright claims are quite literally destroying lives. People like to scoff say I’m […]


Killzone: Shadowfall | Review

Killzone Shadowfall, a launch title I could not have been more exited for. I was a huge fan of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. Those games were a science fiction call of duty with a story that examined interesting themes […]


Playstation 4 Impressions

Well a new console generation is upon us and I’ve finally had some time with the Playstation 4, what did I think? Is the console an annoying mess or does it fix some of the Playstation 3’s most glaring issues?


Shadowrun Returns | Review

Shadowrun Returns is dead set on reminding us just how awesome a cyberpunk dystopia can be. Shadowrun Returns is about refusing to dance the political dance, or enslave oneself to a corporation. A Shadowrunner is the closest thing to free […]


12 Glorious Minutes of Destiny

Was anyone looking to watch some Destiny game play? Well lucky for us Bungie has posted a twelve minute video for us to enjoy. Of course we already saw this stuff at E3 but why not watch it again. If […]


Shadowrun Returns Coming July 25th

So the awesome looking Shadowrun Returns finally has a concrete release date July 25th 2013. I am pumped for this one guys. A tactical RPG experience set in a cyber-punk universe was enough to sell me. Then I found out […]


Payday Gets A Sequel And A Web Series

Thanks to a teaser released this week I was made aware of the coming web series that ties into Payday 2. Now Payday 2 is the sequel to Payday: The Heist a game that I personally loved. So seeing a […]


The Broken Joysticks Top 10: Pieces Of Video Game Music

Welcome dear reader to another edition of The Broken Joysticks Top 10. As always this list is personal based on the individual writer’s opinion. I encourage readers and other members of the Broken Joysticks team to create their own lists […]


Lord British Says “Most Game Designers Just Suck.”

In an interesting interview with PC Gamer, the original king of RPGs Richard Garriot  (A.K.A Lord British) described his views on the majority of game designers. It’s seems Lord British thinks they suck. “…other than a few exceptions, like Chris […]


Civilization V Is Getting An Expansion This Summer

Looks like the great strategy game of Civilization V, is getting an expansion the summer. The interestingly named Brave New World: will feature nine new civilizations and leaders. Seems like we’re getting a huge focus on Diplomacy with things like […]


Ron Gilbert Has Left Double Fine

Today is a sad day for me Ron Gilbert has left the great developer Double Fine. Ron made a post on his personal blog, basically he’s moved on to pursue other interest since his pet project The Cave released earlier […]


Infamous: Second Son Revealed

Oh my god Infamous: Second Son was unveiled at the Sony conference today. This was huge. As an enormous fan of the Infamous franchise I have to say I’m pumped. The game looks to parallel our real world with just […]


PS4 Confirmed, Here Are The Tech Specs

Sony confirmed the PS4 at their “see the future” press event today in New York city. Taking the stage, the system’s architect outlined the development process behind the console, as well as several key features of the system and our […]