Infamous: Second Son Revealed

Oh my god Infamous: Second Son was unveiled at the Sony conference today. This was huge. As an enormous fan of the Infamous franchise I have to say I’m pumped. The game looks to parallel our real world with just how stripped of freedom the world is getting in the misguided direction of “National Security”. As a bit of political buff I love this direction; it’s a hard question to put to gamers and I think it’s a wonderful thing to see. Way to go Sucker Punch. You’ve got me hooked I can’t wait to explore this almost too close to reality dystopia. ¬† The trailer features¬† some wonderful images driving its theme of sacrificed freedom. Then we get a look at the new super powers we will hopefully get to play with before ending on and awesome line of: “You are not in control.” This game is going to be amazing. I’m down Sucker Punch I’m down.

[youtube id=”R46bxNr8Iz0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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