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Shadowrun Returns | Review

Shadowrun Returns is dead set on reminding us just how awesome a cyberpunk dystopia can be. Shadowrun Returns is about refusing to dance the political dance, or enslave oneself to a corporation. A Shadowrunner is the closest thing to free […]


Shadowrun Returns Coming July 25th

So the awesome looking Shadowrun Returns finally has a concrete release date July 25th 2013. I am pumped for this one guys. A tactical RPG experience set in a cyber-punk universe was enough to sell me. Then I found out […]


Strikefleet Omega Launching June 21

Harebrained Schemes‘ mobile spaceship strategy title, Strikefleet Omega, launces on all iOS and Android devices on June 21. The game is free to download, with in-game purchases possible, though Harebrained has given no specific information about what will be available […]


Shadowrun Returns (With Almost Two Million Dollars)

The Kickstarter project for Harebrained Schemes’ planned Shadowrun Returns finalized this past weekend, bringing their fundraising total to $1,895,772, though nearly $60,000 of that total was provided on PayPal. With the original project goal of $400,000 reached in 28 hours, […]