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Shadowrun Returns | Review

Shadowrun Returns is dead set on reminding us just how awesome a cyberpunk dystopia can be. Shadowrun Returns is about refusing to dance the political dance, or enslave oneself to a corporation. A Shadowrunner is the closest thing to free […]


Shadowrun Returns Coming July 25th

So the awesome looking Shadowrun Returns finally has a concrete release date July 25th 2013. I am pumped for this one guys. A tactical RPG experience set in a cyber-punk universe was enough to sell me. Then I found out […]


Shadowrun Returns (With Almost Two Million Dollars)

The Kickstarter project for Harebrained Schemes’ planned Shadowrun Returns finalized this past weekend, bringing their fundraising total to $1,895,772, though nearly $60,000 of that total was provided on PayPal. With the original project goal of $400,000 reached in 28 hours, […]