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SNES Classic On The Way This September

Nintendo made the announcement just moments ago that indeed there will be a SNES Classic! Rumors and speculations have been circulating lately but thankfully Nintendo has confirmed the systems existence. What a great set of games too including the officially […]


Dontnod Co-Founder Would Love To Work On a Sequel To Life Is Strange

Dontnod’s co-founder Alain Damasio has confirmed in an interview with a French publication that if a sequel to this year’s surprise hit Life Is Strange enters full production he’ll be happy to work on it – just as he did […]


PS4 Confirmed, Here Are The Tech Specs

Sony confirmed the PS4 at their “see the future” press event today in New York city. Taking the stage, the system’s architect outlined the development process behind the console, as well as several key features of the system and our […]