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The Awesome Booths From PAX West

Capcom brought a lot of their offerings from E3 to PAX for the public to enjoy. Surprisingly Dead Rising 4 only had 2 demo stations at their official booth although more where playable at the Microsoft booth. Indie title Warcube […]


I Accidentally Made a Game Girls Love

When I started Potions: A Curious Tale a year and a half ago, I didn’t know where it would lead me. I didn’t know that it would be an inspiration for girls. I didn’t know that I would become an inspiration […]


Renee Gittins Featured in My Selfie Life

Renee Gittins is no stranger to struggle, she’s been fighting her whole life as a girl gamer, a female engineer, and now a female indie developer. Renee can now add to her list of accomplishments female TV star. Fusion brings […]


Take a look at Renee’s game Potions a Curious Tale on Kickstarter!

This week I once again got to sit down with the multitalented Renee of our own staff, to talk about her current effort to Kickstart her game, and what it really takes to get a game from concept to the […]


My Path to Game Dev (Impostor Syndrome) – Talk for Women in Gaming

  Renee presents a talk she prepared for a luncheon for women in the game industry. The talk is about her path to being a game developer and the struggles she faced.


The Female Impostor: Impostor Syndrome as a Woman in Games

My name is Renee. I am a gamer, game journalist and video game developer, and I have impostor syndrome.


Making Potions: A Tale of Game Development – Blog 6

Welcome back to our weekly devlog with Renee! In this double packed episode Renee talks about her time at IndieCade, bugs she has found in her own code, code improvements from both a technical and design standpoint, and inventory and loot […]


Making Potions: A Tale of Game Development – Blog 5

In this part 5 of our Developemnt series with our own Renee Gittins, we hear about the basics of Potions: A curious tale, get too see some of the business side of development, and Renee gets the basic game working with […]


Making Potions: A Tale of Game Development – Blog 4

In the fourth episode of our developer log series, Renee takes us in to her mind, talks about how she desls with self doubt, and shows us how Game development isint just about all the happy times.


Making Potions: A Tale of Game Development – Blog 3

Part three of our exciting Developer log series with our own Renee Gittins in this episode Renee talks about singletons, issues with Unity’s keyboard inputs and her approach for managing similar game objects. [youtube id=Gikcsdo8_oE]    


Making potions: A development series with Renee Gittins part 2

Welcome back to our weekly dev log with Renee! Today Renee talks about  her first experiences in Unity, including animation, character movement, throwing objects, and prefabs, as she works towards making Potions a Curious tale.  She also talks slightly about the doubts […]


BrokenCast Episode 5 – “Potions A Curious Tale Developer Interview”

Our latest episode of BrokenCast our semi-regular podcast about the world of gaming is here for your listening enjoyment. This week I and managing editor Fionna Fox sit down with Potions: A Curious Tale developer Renee Gittins, the founder of […]