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Sakura Enters The Ring In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Update

I’ve had a bit of a non-committal history with Capcom’s Street Fighter V. Despite owning the game for nearly two years, I’ve found very little reason to pick up the controller and play beyond some basic exploration of characters and training, that is until recently. The Character specific […]


The Awesome Booths From PAX West

Capcom brought a lot of their offerings from E3 to PAX for the public to enjoy. Surprisingly Dead Rising 4 only had 2 demo stations at their official booth although more where playable at the Microsoft booth. Indie title Warcube […]


It’s Free Comic Book Day TODAY

TODAY is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, and with that in mind here are a few video game related comics that will be avilable sans purchase on Saturday. Check out the Free Comic Book Day website for a full list of […]


Street Fighter V ‘Butt smack Mod’ Adds Nothing To The Game

Capcom’s Street Fighter V has been available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for little over 24 hours and players have already found a way to “restore” animation changes to fighter R. Mika’s introduction. For the unaware, as […]


Street Fighter V | Review

Review by special guest editor: Robyn Robo Almost exactly 7 years since Street Fighter IV came out for PS3, Xbox and Windows, Street Fighter V has released. With support for only two platforms at launch, PS4 and Windows, this is a […]


Capcom Releases Street Fighter V DLC Roadmap To Fans

Capcom Releases Street Fighter V DLC Roadmap To Fans The long running Street Fighter franchise gets turned on its head with the release of Street Fighter V next week.  Sure gameplay additions like V-Triggers and V-Skills are going to force […]


Learn About Ken Masters In This SFV Character Introduction Trailer

Capcom has released the first character introduction video for their upcoming Street Fighter V. This two-minute long video will give viewers a crash course about some of the changes coming to series staple Ken Masters. Ken isn’t just about spamming […]


Street Fighter V Officially Heading To Steam OS

Fans of Capcom’s upcoming fifth installment of the Street Fighter franchise will have an additional choice when it comes to platforms to play on. No, this newly approaching challenger isn’t Microsoft’s Xbox One but rather Valve’s own Steam OS. You […]


Street Fighter V Trailer Shows Off All 16 Characters

Street Fighter V is coming out in Februari of next year, and recently the last few characters of its starting roster have been revealed. While it will no doubt be expanded with DLC down the line, this is what players […]


Capcom Unleashes a Combo of Street Fighter V Media For PSX

It wouldn’t be time for the PlayStation Experience without a brand new character reveal & trailer from Capcom’s Street Fighter V. Unveiled during this weekend’s expo F.A.N.G – a slender and tall man in an oversized robe and hat. If […]


New Street Fighter V Media & Announcement: Laura

CapCom unveiled a brand new character for their upcoming fighting game Street Fighter V at the Brazil Games Show. Laura Matsuda joins the frays the fray with her Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu style.  Her story-line features sees her wanting to find a […]


Here’s What To Expect From The Street Fighter V Beta

Are you looking forward to Street Fighter V’s upcoming beta test? Depending on the region you reside in there are a number of different ways for you to get your hands on a portion of Capcom’s latest brawler before release. […]


Street Fighter V Battle Systems Explained

Capcom’s upcoming fifth entry in the Street Fighter franchise is expected to have a huge presence at Sony’s E3 press conference thanks to the platform exclusivity agreement the two companies previously announced. Before things kick off early next week Capcom […]


Street Fighter V Exclusive To Playstation 4

The next entry in Capcom’s long running fighting franchise, Street Fighter V, will be a PlayStation exclusive. A stunning announcement for sure considering the fact that all of the entries in the Street Fighter IV series were multiplatform on Xbox […]