Take a look at Renee's game Potions a Curious Tale on Kickstarter! | Broken Joysticks


Take a look at Renee’s game Potions a Curious Tale on Kickstarter!

This week I once again got to sit down with the multitalented Renee of our own staff, to talk about her current effort to Kickstart her game, and what it really takes to get a game from concept to the point where you can put it on Kickstarter!

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About Fionna Schweit

Hi, Im fionna Fox! and i love video games. I have been playing video games since I could reach the keyboard. My first PC was a gateway (though dont ask me to recall the model number) and I remember starting most of my games out of DOS. Those were interesting years. My first console system was an Nintendo 64, on which i played a lot of GoldenEye and StarFox 64 and even more gauntlet dark legacy. Now i mostly play PC games, though i do own a Xbox one (mostly for halo). My favorite types of games are rogue likes, and anything thats an RTS, I have a soft spot for anything in the Warhammer universe as well.

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