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Sine Mora Is The Latest Gratis Game on PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Vita suffered a bit of a drought this past summer but now with new releases like Killzone: Mercenary & Dragon’s Crown on the shelves and YS just on the horizon, we finally have some new retail games to […]


New ‘Dark’ Trailer Is Vampire Stealthy

Dark is in development over at Realmforge Studios, which is located in Munich, Germany and is being published by Kalypso Media (who just happens to own Realmforge Studios as well). Dark puts you in the shoes of Eric Bane, a newly […]


Omerta: City of Gangsters | Review

Version tested: Xbox 360 America. The land of dreams. The land of opportunity. Straight off the boat from Sicily you arrive in fictional Atlantic City with ambition and machinations of a criminal empire that the world has never seen. If […]


Omerta: City Of Gangsters Video Shows Character Creation

Ever dreamed of rising up through the ranks of a mob? Well, without all the real life consequences right? If that sounds about right then you need to check out Omerta: City Of Gangsters from Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games (see Tropico […]


Harbour Master Makes It’s Way To Port Royale 3

A few months ago PC gamers were treated to DLC content for Port Royale 3, but console users were left wanting. Today, Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds have announced that Port Royale 3: Harbour Master is now available for Xbox […]


Omerta City of Gangsters Has Gone Gold on Xbox 360 & PC

Kalypso Media’s latest PC title Omerta – City of Gangsters has gone gold for both the Xbox 360 and Windows PC.  It will be available at retail on February 12th 2013. Omerta transports players back to a 1920s version of […]


Omerta: City of Gangsters Gameplay Trailer

If there is a studio to bring a turn-based strategy game to the Xbox 360 console it would have to be Kalypso Media. From the Tropico franchise to the upcoming Port Royale 3 game, Kalypso has the talent and experience […]


Legends of Pegasus X’or Race Trailer Released

Kalypso released a new trailer for their upcoming 4X strategy game Legends of Pegasus. This trailer showcases the X’or faction, an isolationist race of sentient machines. While the trailer focuses mostly on story, there is a little bit of gameplay […]


Kalypso Announces Dollar Dash

Kalypso Media Digital and Candygun Games have announced their new 4-player, top-down shooter for XBLA, PSN, and PC. Dollar Dash puts you in control of a masked thief doing everything he can to outwit and outgun opposing thieves in a […]


Airline Tycoon 2 Falcon Lines To Be Released Later This Month

Airline Tycoon 2 the airline business simulator published by Kalypso Media will receive new DLC on PC later this month.  The Falcon LinesDLC allows you to open up lines of business in foreign markets for the first time ever in […]


Jagged Alliance: Back in Action & Yesterday Giveaway

Today we are giving away two copies of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and one copy of Yesterday (courtesy of Kalypso Media and Focus Home Interactive respectively).  You will find Steam keys for the game hidden in our articles, Twitter, […]


Port Royale 3 Walkthrough # 3 Released

Kaylpso Media have released a brand new 9 minute long walkthrough video for their Caribbean economy simulator Port Royale 3. This video shows you the varying activities and statistics you’ll find in each of the cities on the game’s map. […]


New Port Royal 3 Trailer Released

Kalypso Media has released a brand new walkthrough for their upcoming Caribbean trading simulator Port Royal 3.  The six minute long video introduces you to the basics of the Port Royal franchise including the game’s controls, how to send out […]


Tropic 4: Modern Times Expansion Now Available

The first downloadable expansion for Tropic 4, Modern Times, is now available through Steam and Amazon for $20 USD. If you are not a fan of digital copies and would rather have a boxed copy you’ll be able to pick […]