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Devil May Cry 1 HD Now Live For Twitch Prime Subscribers

Posted on March 7, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

Twitch has added the much promoted free copy of the Devil May Cry HD to the Twitch Launcher for prime subscribers. To claim the free game all you have to do is head on over to http://www.twitch.tv , click on the crown and under the image of DMC click “add to library”. Like other Twitch Prime rewards, Devil May Cry HD is yours to keep even after your Twitch Prime subscription lapses.

Clearly the gratis copy of DMC1 HD is a move by Capcom to help promote the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection, which will see its releae on PC for the first time on March 13th. Devil May Cry HD Collection includes touched up versions of the 2001 original, the mediocre 2003 sequel Devil May Cry 2  and 2005’s Devil May Cry 3.

Several DMC games have made their way to PC over the years – namely Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition which was originally ported a year after the console release in 2006, Devil May Cry 4 which was released on PC in 2008 and Ninja Theory’s D.M.C reboot in 2013. Both 4 and D.M.C are absent from the upcoming HD Collection but can still be purchased through Steam in their original form.


Ubisoft Giving Away World In Conflict + Expansion and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag For Free For The Holidays

Posted on December 5, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Looking for something to play over the holidays but don’t have a huge budget? Thanks to Ubisoft’s yearly free games giveaway you won’t have to wait for Boxing Day sales or the Steam Holiday Sale to snag a few games. For $0 Ubi will be giving away 2007’s World In Conflict and the Soviet Assault expansion between now and December 11th. Miss out on the critically acclaimed Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag? It’ll be free on U-Play between 11th and the 18th. All you have to do to claim these free games is visit Ubisoft’s official Holiday Play Days web site or sign into the U-Play launcher on PC. 

World In Conflict was originally released in September 2007 and recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Soviet Assault expansion followed two years later in 2009. Both were developed by Ubisoft owned Massive Entertainment, whose most notable achievement recently was the 2016 release of Tom Clancy’s The Division Multiplayer for World In Conflict and Soviet Assault was discontinued in 2015 but was revived by passionate fans earlier this year.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is the pirate-themed sixth console entry in Ubisoft’s 10-year-old stabby stabby series, originally released in 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC. 

Development duties for Black Flag were split between Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Singapore. It also received a stand-alone add-on titled Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, which is not included in the base game. 

Here are the minimum specs for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista SP or Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 (both 32/64bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q8400 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 620 @ 2.6 GHz
  • RAM: 2GB for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or AMD Radeon HD 4870 (512MB VRAM with Shader Model 4.0 or higher)
  • DirectX: DirectX June 2010 Redistributable
  • Disk Space: 30 Gb
  • Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
  • Peripherals: Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse required, optional controller

Recommended System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 (both 32/64bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2400S @ 2.5 GHz or AMD Phenom II x4 940 @ 3.0 GHz or better
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 or AMD Radeon HD 5850 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0) or better

As well, here are the minimum specs for the decade’s old World In Conflict.

Minimum Requirements
Supported OS: Windows Vista / Windows XP (only)
Processor: Single-core 2.0 GHz or faster (2.2 GHz for Windows Vista) / Dual-core Intel or AMD
RAM: 512 MB (1 GB for Windows Vista)
Video Card: 128 MB video RAM, DirectX 9.0c-compatible (NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX, ATI Radeon 8500, 9200 not supported)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compliant sound card
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)
Hard Drive Space: 8 GB
Peripherals Supported: Windows-compliant keyboard and mouse
Multiplayer: Broadband connection with 128 kbps upstream or faster

Recommended Requirements
Supported OS: Windows Vista / Windows XP (only)
Processor: 2.5 GHz or faster
RAM: 1 GB (2 GB for Windows Vista)
Video Card: 256 MB video RAM, DirectX 9.0c-compatible
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compliant sound card
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)
Hard Drive Space: 8 GB
Peripherals Supported: Windows-compliant keyboard and mouse
Multiplayer: Broadband connection with 128 kbps upstream or faster

Header Image: File Photo From Gamescom 2012


PlayStation Plus Games For July 2017 Include Until Dawn and Game of Thrones

Posted on June 28, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Following up from June’s offerings of Kill Zone 2 and the first season of Life is Strange, PlayStation Plus brings us yet another pair of AAA games for Sony’s flagship console alongside a solid couple of older games for the PlayStation 3 and two gratis indie titles for the PlayStation Vita.

Direct the actions of 9 teenage friends as they try to survive a horrific encounter with a deadly creature in this unique survival horror / b-movie simulation. Designed with a unique Butterfly Effect mechanic, Until Dawn challenges players to make split-second decisions that alter the course of the game’s narrative – ensuring that you’ll never see all the content the game has to offer in one playthrough.

Also joining Until Dawn is Telltale Game’s full season of Game of Thrones-  based on the popular A Song of Fire and Ice universe by J.R.R Martin. Set between the third and fifth seasons of the television series, this original work focuses on the family members of House Forrester. Like other Telltale titles Game of Thrones allows players to make a number of dialogue & action choices that can have an impact on the game’s narrative. This six episode fantasy tale was so successful that a season 2 is currently in development.

PlayStation 3 owners can indulge in one of Capcom’s underrated fighting series that time has somewhat forgotten with Darkstalkers Resurrection. This collection includes up-rezzed and online-enabled versions of Night Warriors: Darkstalker’s Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 with the same net-code developed by Iron Galaxy Studios that was used for Street Fighter III Third Strike Online.  Owners of Sony’s longest support console can also enjoy the quirky animal platformer Tokyo Jungle as well.

Vita owners might not get a steady supply of content from Sony 1st party developer these days (considering that Sony has referred to the handheld as a “legacy platform”) but two games are coming to Sony’s portable – Element4I and Don’t Die Mr. Robot.

Here’s the full line-up as posted by the PlayStation Blog:

Full Lineup

Until Dawn, PS4
Game of Thrones, PS4
Tokyo Jungle, PS3
Darkstalkers Resurrection, PS3
Element4l, PS Vita
Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)



Lovely Planet Follow-Up Focuses On Arcade Action

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Do you remember Tiny Build’s 2014 colorful FPS Lovely Planet? Well the publisher is back with a direct sequel to their heart filled, pastel colored shooter that focuses on FPS action. With four unique worlds for players to explore Lovely Planet Arcade offers up hundreds of levels that will test your jumping, strafing and shooting skills. Once you’ve beaten the arcade mode all of the levels can be played in either Fast or Mirror mode for an additional challenge.

Lovely Planet Arcade is available for pre-order on Steam for $5.99 USD but if you want a taste of Lovely Planet’s action without putting down any cash Tiny Build is giving away the 2014 original in partnership with Bundle Stars & PC Gamer– so make sure to head on over there and redeem your free key while supplies last.

In their official blog post Tinybuild described Lovely Planet Arcade like this:

“2014’s critical-hit Lovely Planet had us flying through the skies, carelessly spraying bullets in the clouds. It’s time now to hand in your jump boots because we’re going back to the shooting range for some old-school action in Lovely Planet Arcade! Buckle up for close quarter combat through tight corners sprinkled with trigger-happy baddies eager to send you back to the starting line!”

Check out the launch trailer for Lovely Planet Arcade below and let us know what you think of the game in the comments section.


PlayStation Plus’ Feb 2016 Line-Up Is Here

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

February is the month of live and the team at PlayStation have decided to bring six brand new titles to the Instant Games Collection next month.

Helldivers, a futuristic twin-stick shooter published by Sony Computer Entertainment America will make a hard landing on all three platforms. Nom Nom Galaxy and indie game that blends platforming, base construction and tower defense will also come to Sony’s latest console. On the PS3 side we’ve got last year’s Persona 4: Ultimax from Atlus USA and Codemaster’s GRID Autosport – the third title in the GRID franchise.

Here’s the full trailer and line-up as provided by the PlayStation Blog:

Full Lineup:

  • Grid Autosport, PS3
  • Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back , PS4, PS3, PS Vita
  • Lemmings Touch, PS Vita
  • Nom Nom Galaxy, PS4
  • Nova-111, PS Vita
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, PS3

[youtube id=”Op6ag6oPgT8″]


Here Are The Free Xbox Live Gold Games For January 2016

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Xbox One

It might not even be 2016 yet but Xbox’s Major Nelson has taken the wraps off of the free games that Xbox Live subscribers will gain access to at the beginning of next year.

On the Xbox One front – Owners of Mircrosoft’s Xbox One can go for broke in an all out brawl with Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition. This season pass is normally $40 and gives Killer Instinct players access to all 9 fighters and extra costumes included in Season One. Also coming to Xbox One is Zheroes an Indies @ Xbox game – basically a stylized side scrolling beat’em-up.

For owners of Microsoft’s last generation console, Xbox 360, Microsoft will be giving away DIRT: Showndown and Square Enix’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Unfortunately this is the vanilla version and not the Director’s Cut re-release which includes New Game+, Improved Textures, Reworked Boss Fights and Developer Commentary.

As is the case with all Xbox 360 games released on Games With Gold – both DIRT: Showdown and Deus Ex are backwards compatible on Xbox One.

Here’s the full line-up with dates:

Xbox One
Killer Instinct Season One Ultimate – Jan 1st Thru 31st
Zheroes – Jan 16th Thru 15th

Xbox 360

DIRT Showdown – Jan 1st Thru 15th
Deus Ex Human Revolution – Jan 16th Thru 31st



December 2015 Games With Gold Unveiled – Extra Games For The Holidays

Posted on November 25, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Microsoft has taken the wraps off of the games that Xbox Live gold subscribers will be receiving for free over the holidays (heh heh .. it’s a pun!). Sneaking into the shadows is Thief for Xbox One, exploring ancient dungeons are The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing for Xbox One and Sacred 3 for Xbox 360. Bringing up the rear is Flashpoint: Dragon Rising for Xbox 360.

Here’s the full line-up with dates and MSRPs

December 1 – 31st

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – Xbox One – $14.99
Dirt 3

December 1 – 15th

Castlestorm – Xbox 360 – $9.99

December 16 – 31st

Sacred 3 – Xbox 360 – $19.99
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – Xbox 360 – $9.99
Thief – Xbox One – $29.99 (free until Jan 15th)

Remember that all Xbox Games with gold are guaranteed backwards compatible on Xbox One! What do you think of Microsoft’s free holiday offerings? Let us know in the comments.



Celebrate 20 Years of Tribes By Downloading The Entire Series

Posted on October 31, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Tribes developer Hi-Rez studios has released the entire back catalog of Tribes titles available for free on their official website in honor of the series’ 20th anniversary. If you are into fast paced shooting action with a retro look & feel this might certainly be worth your bandwidth.

For those unaware the Tribes series is a futuristic first person shooter series with a focus on infantry based aerial combat.  The latest title in the franchise, Tribes: Ascend is a free-to-play multiplayer only title for Windows PC that released in 2012. Its game modes include the classic Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Arena (limited player re-spawns) and Rabbit (hold the flag, basically).

For such an old free-to-play title Tribes: Ascend is still receiving updates. In just the past two months the game has received two new maps – Ice Coaster and Terminus.

We reviewed Tribes Ascend upon it’s launch in 2012 and had this to say:

Two teams struggle for dominance on expansive maps over flags, kills, capture points, more kills, energy generators, and orbital death lasers. The currently available standard game types are Deathmatch (team or solo), Capture the Flag, Capture and Hold, and Arena. To facilitate this mayhem, players choose from nine character classes, divided into light (Pathfinder, Sentinel, Infiltrator), medium (Soldier, Technician, Raider), and heavy (Juggernaut, Doombringer, Brute). When you first register your account, you receive the Pathfinder, Soldier, and Juggernaut classes for free, with the others on the bench hoping you find them worthy of your real life money or your real life time.

If you’re wondering exactly what games are included in the free Tribes anniversary download here’s a complete list:

  • Earthsiege (1994)
  • Earthsiege 2 (1996)
  • Starsiege: Tribes (1998)
  • Tribes 2 (2001)
  • Tribes: Aerial Assault (2002)
  • Tribes: Vengeance (2004)
  • Tribes: Ascend (2012)

[youtube id=”sncpbqRfeUw”]



November 2015 PS Plus Games Revealed

Posted on October 30, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

After a bit of a delay and some leaks November’s PlayStation Plus line-up has been revealed over on the PlayStation Blog.

Headlining next month’s free games is The Walking Dead Season 2 – which was highly critically acclaimed upon its completion last August. Also on the PlayStation 4 is Paradox Interactive’s sequel to the 2011 co-op action adventure original.  PS3 owners will receive Bioware’s excellent RPG sequel Mass Effect 2 and Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil HD, while PlayStation Vita owners will snag Invizimals (Not sure if it’s the original PSP release or the Vita sequel) and the brand new Dragon Soup.

Here’s the complete line-up:

  • The Walking Dead: Season 2PS4
  • Magicka 2PS4
  • Mass Effect 2PS3
  • Beyond Good & EvilPS3
  • Dragon Fin SoupPS4, PS Vita (PS3 Cross-Buy when available)
  • InvizimalsPS Vita

If you missed The Walking Dead Season One it is currently on sale for Halloween on the PlayStation store. We also reviewed The Walking Dead Season One: Episode One back when our site launched in 2012. Whether you’re enjoying the brand new Rogue Like/RPG Dragon Fin Soup or hiding from zombies in The Walking Dead there appears to be a lot of great stuff coming down the pipe for PlayStation Plus in November.


[youtube id=”89ae3pqRM4M”]

[youtube id=”jfVqamRr4_Y”]

[youtube id=”Wg4CDpo0aw0″]

[youtube id=”2QESLavjfGU”]



Xbox Games With Gold For November 2015 Announced

Posted on October 29, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Microsoft has revealed the Games With Gold line-up for the month of November and it looks like Xbox One owners will be receiving access to four games instead of two thanks to backwards compatibility.  This isn’t a one month promotion either – from now on all Xbox One Gold Subscribers will get access to four games, two for Xbox One and two for 360.

For Xbox One games MS will be offering both Pneuma: Breath of Life an indie exploration game narrated by Jay Britton and Knight Squad.  For Xbox 360 owners two older titles will be on tap – 2011’s Dungeon Siege III from Square Enix and Dirt 3 from Codemasters.

Here’s the rundown including availability dates:

Pneuma: Breath of Life / DIRT 3 – Nov 1 thru 15th
Knight Squad / Dungeon Siege III – Nov 16 thru 30th


[youtube id=”vQCN8k5aw0k”]

[youtube id=”KzIVjKvAecs”]



Driveclub PS+ Edition Coming Tomorrow, No Online Mode For Most

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

DriveClub’s free PlayStation Plus version will be launching tomorrow on the North American PlayStation Store Evolution Studios has announced. This free version of Sony’s latest racer comes a full eight months after the release of the full retail version and more than two years after DriveClub was announced alongside the PlayStation 4. Evolution says that they needed the extra time to ensure that their multiplayer servers were up to handling the potentially millions of gamers eligible for the PlayStation Plus version.

The much vaunted online modes won’t be available at release for everyone who downloads DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition. Instead Evolution will be “rolling out online access” to PS+ users slowly to ensure that their servers don’t spontaneously explode.. or something.  PS+ players will get access to 13 different courses in the Indian subcontinent and 15 different cars for your garage. PS+ subscribers will be able to upgrade to the full retail release for $24.99 USD while non subscribers will have to fork out the full $39.99 USD for the full version.

What are your thoughts on DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition? Some have likened it to nothing more than a glorified demo. I’ll be sure to post full impressions of the racer tomorrow evening!


June 2015 PS Plus Games Includes Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Ground Zeroes the playable prequel to the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain sneaks its way onto the Instant Games Collection next month as one of the free games for June 2015. PlayStation 4 owners can also enjoy the turn based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun as well.  PS3 owners should be prepared to reach for the skies with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and play through some randomly generated 2D platforming levels with Cloudberry Kingdom. On the PS Vita front Sony is offer two indie titles with Super Exploding Zoo and Futuridium both of which are also cross buy on PS4.

Check out some trailers for select PS+ games after the jump.Read More


PlayStation Plus Games For May Feature Indies Galore

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Playstation Plus

Sony has revealed the free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be receiving with next week’s store update. The selection for this upcoming month features some of the best indie games we’ve seen on any Sony platform including the terrific Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition and the critically acclaimed Unfinished Swan. If you are a PlayStation 4 owner it’s an excellent month to be a plus subscriber with five free games!

Coming To PlayStation Plus:

Check out some trailers after the jumpRead More


February 2015 PS Plus Games Include Thief and Transistor

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Sony has finally revealed the February PlayStation Plus line up for North America. Get ready to sink your teeth into an action-RPG with Transistor, sneak around in the Shadows with Thief and join the Japanese mafia with Yakuza 4. All of these games and more will be gratis for the entire second month of 2015.Read More


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