Sine Mora Is The Latest Gratis Game on PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Vita suffered a bit of a drought this past summer but now with new releases like Killzone: Mercenary & Dragon’s Crown on the shelves and YS just on the horizon, we finally have some new retail games to play. Well, Sony is upping the ante for those of us looking for digital games with the announcement that Grasshopper Manufacture’s 2012 shoot’em up Sine Mora will be available free of charge for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting tomorrow, provided you’ve got the space on your memory card.

Bullet hell shooters are nothing new but Sine Mora changes up the established formula with a different kind of health mechanic. Instead of a health meter, Sine Mora challenges players to complete stages within a given time limit and to add just a little bit more sweat to your brow – every time you take a hit the time limit just a little bit. With its colourful graphics and 5 different modes it sounds like Sine Mora has a lot of content and you can’t really beat the price of free!

Sine Mora was originally released in the Fall of 2012 and has ported to the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PC, Android / IOS and most recently the Ouya.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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