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Harbour Master Makes It’s Way To Port Royale 3

Posted on January 25, 2013 by Joshua Rust

A few months ago PC gamers were treated to DLC content for Port Royale 3, but console users were left wanting. Today, Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds have announced that Port Royale 3: Harbour Master is now available for Xbox 360.

You can queue up the download by clicking the link here for 400 MSP.

Here is a list of features that are included in the Harbour Master DLC:

• Build your own ships!
• An economic adviser to assist players in making financial choices
• Six new buildings (including embassy, fire department and more)
• Decorative objects such as plants, statues and various types of street coverings
• More control over city defensive lines

There are two other downloads planned (“Dawn of Pirates” and “New Adventures”) for Port Royale 3, but no release date has been confirmed. If you haven’t picked this game up, I highly recommend it if you’re into strategy games.


Xbox 360 Retail Releases – Week Of Sept. 4th, 2012

Posted on September 3, 2012 by Joshua Rust

I’m not quite sure of our viewing area, so I’ve only included the games releasing in Europe and the U.S. in this post. If you’re from a different viewing area, sound off in the comments and I will get the information for you as well! We don’t want anyone left out!

So, with that said, this is a slow week for the U.S. I guess it’s a “calm before the storm” week. While Europe gets The Testament of Sherlock Holmes which has just received a price cut before it’s launch. Also, an intriguing strategy game called Port Royale 3. Darn you Europe for getting these early!

Europe (via amazon.co.uk)

  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
  • Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants


North America (via gamestop.com)

  • Nothing releasing in retail this week.

Anyone over in Europe picking any of these up? I know I’m looking forward to both titles and can’t wait until they release over here in the States!



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