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A Eulogy To The Future That Kinect Promised But Never Delivered

Kinect version 1.0 arrived hot off the heels of the motion control craze sparked by the Nintendo Wii with the marketing tagline “You Are The Controller”. Promising players a mixture of easy to understand motion based controls using their own bodies and a dash of […]


Rock band 4 to come to PC via Fig

When I say Rock Band, it evokes in most people memories of playing the game in a crowded college common room, or home living room full of friends. So its a bit of a suprise to hear that Harmonix developer […]


Amplitude |Review

15 years ago, long before the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises really took off and brought the music game genre to the gaming mainstream, when everyone thought of music games, people brought up games like Dance Dance Revolution and its ilk, such as Bust […]


Guitar Hero Live is a strong showing from a new studio

The first thing we need to get out of the way is that this is not a Harmonix game.  New developers Free Style Games have stepped up to the plate, and delivered the newest installment. So this is still guitar […]


Rock Band 4 Review – “Once More With Feeling”

There was a time when the Rock Band franchise was on top of the world and being played by millions of console owners worldwide. Like most celebrity stories an eventual decline in fame is to be expected after a string […]


Rock Band 4’s Opening Act

The lights dim down on the crowd as the neon lights come up on the stage and a lingering anxiousness hangs in the air as I begin to pluck at my guitar for the first time in seven years. Surely […]


Rock Band 4 Makes Its Debut Tomorrow

Harmonix’s first attempt at a current generation Rock Band is about to make its debut at retail tomorrow morning with the release of Rock Band 4 and I thought it might be a good idea to review some of the […]


Harmonix Breaks Out The Encore Set list In Rock Band 4

Get ready to dust off the plastic instruments from your garage and call your friends to get the band back together because Harmonix has announced RockBand 4 for next generation platforms. Partnering with peripheral manufacturer MadCatz the two companies will […]


Rock Band 3 DLC For September 25th

Another week, another slew of incoming songs for the faithful fans of Rock Band 3. This week sees a release of some of the songs off theGreen Day: Rock Band game. All of them except “Oh Love”. “Green Day Pack 03” […]


Rock Band DLC For September 18th, 2012

I wonder how much longer EA/Harmonix plans on releasing new tracks for this game? Not that I have a problem with it, I think it’s great that they continue to deliver on their promise of releasing new content. So here […]


Next Weeks Rock Band Tracks Are “Howlin’ For You”

The Rock Band weekly dlc continues its’ onslaught as this week The Black Keysbring home some of their hits to the marketplace. This will be the second dlc pack available from the Grammy winning band out of Akron, Ohio. This weeks songs are as […]


Rock Band Blitz Full Track List Released

I’ve seen lots of posts comparing Rock Band Blitz to the classic Amplitude, and if that turns out to be an accurate representation of the game I’m very much okay with that! Being released on August 28th on PSN and […]


Augusts’ Dance Central 2 Detailed

Harmonix has announced the next four weeks of DLC for Dance Central 2. If you’re still playing their latest dance party game you’ll able to enjoy  Jeremih ft. 50 Cent’s “Down On Me”, Naughty by Nature’s “O.P.P.” among others. Check […]


Rock Band Blitz Release Date Announced

Harmonix has announced the release dates for Rock Band Blitz (or as we like to call it, because it uses a controller rather than instrument peripherals, Frequency 3/Amplitude 2). It arrives on the PlayStation Network on the 28th of August […]


B-52s, Staind and Young Giant Headline Rock Band Releases

Rockband’s catalog of downloadable song gets a little more indie with Young The Giant’s “My Body”, revives an 80s classic with the B52’s “Love Shack” and goes a little nu-metal with “Not Again” from Staind’s 2011 self-titled album. All three […]