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Harmonix Breaks Out The Encore Set list In Rock Band 4

Get ready to dust off the plastic instruments from your garage and call your friends to get the band back together because Harmonix has announced RockBand 4 for next generation platforms. Partnering with peripheral manufacturer MadCatz the two companies will […]


B-52s, Staind and Young Giant Headline Rock Band Releases

Rockband’s catalog of downloadable song gets a little more indie with Young The Giant’s “My Body”, revives an 80s classic with the B52’s “Love Shack” and goes a little nu-metal with “Not Again” from Staind’s 2011 self-titled album. All three […]


Rage Against The Machine Rebel Their Way To Rockband Store

Politically charged Rock legends Rage against the Machine head to the Rock Band Store this week for both the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network. Three tracks are now available for each version, included in the Rage Against the Machine pack […]