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Amplitude |Review

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Kenny Keelan

15 years ago, long before the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises really took off and brought the music game genre to the gaming mainstream, when everyone thought of music games, people brought up games like Dance Dance Revolution and its ilk, such as Bust a Groove, one of my personal favorites, back then, and Parappa the Rapper. Harmonix’s Frequency gave us the same kind of game presented in a different way: you had a catalogue of American artists from across many genres, you were presented a kind of shoot-’em-up rail shooter approach to following along with music, you were given the ability to freestyle remix your song at certain points.What you saw were the foundations of what turned Guitar Hero into the hit franchise it still is, today. I was on the line with this series – with Frequency and Amplitude on the PlayStation 2 – for the unique approach and music selection. Most of the music games I went for, those days, were heavy with underground EDM and J-POP hits that I couldn’t always get into and Frequency hit a nerve with me because it had more of the kinds of artists I know I’d get into. It’s actually responsible, single-handedly, for my love for the band Fear Factory, if that gives you an idea of how much I liked the soundtrack.

Fast forward until 2014 where Harmonix starts a Kickstarter fundraiser for a new title and while it didn’t attract the attention some other Kickstarter video game projects get, these days, it still got some big name support from names like Greg Miller and others in the gaming press. Everybody, thanks to the approach of the project, who backed the project had a good idea of what to expect from the newest entry in the series, titled like the second entry: Amplitude. This game offered, more or less, the same game as others in the series but introducing some new gameplay elements, a new soundtrack, and some more straightforward approaches to the campaign. Follow the jump for more!

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Endless Space Expands With Disharmony, Due Out June 26th

Posted on June 19, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate is the name of the game in the 4X Genre. This small sub-set of the strategy genre has a very supportive fanbase who have thrown their weight behind a number of smaller projects that have been very success, especially on the PC. Needless to say, announcement of new expansions to these smaller, yet immersive games are inevitable.

Such is the case with the expansion to Endless Space, titled Disharmony, this $9.99 DLC expansion allows players to unlock a brand new faction, The Harmony, as well as hero units. Endless Space features a state-of-the-art campaign, allowing you to guide a civilization of your choice to the ultimate conquest of the galaxy. Disharmony will be available digitally on June 26th, and will release a short time later at retail bundled with an artbook.

Developers Amplitude, don’t build their games behind giant walls of secrecy, everything from new features to art direction are up for discussion through their GAMES2GETHER initiative. They take community feedback very seriously, incorporating changes in different areas of a games design before shipping a project. For more information on their very community focus development philosophy, check out their official site.

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Rock Band Blitz Release Date Announced

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

Harmonix has announced the release dates for Rock Band Blitz (or as we like to call it, because it uses a controller rather than instrument peripherals, Frequency 3/Amplitude 2). It arrives on the PlayStation Network on the 28th of August and will retail for $14.99. Blitz will roll onto Xbox Live Arcade on the next day and retail for 1200 Microsoft Points. Rock Band Blitz is apparently compatible with thousands of songs in the Rock Band Music store and all of Blitz’s songs will work with Rock Band 3, which is promising if you are a fan of the Rock Band franchise (and Amplitude). Read on for a trailer and a list of all tracks announced so far.Read More


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