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Rock Band Blitz Full Track List Released

I’ve seen lots of posts comparing Rock Band Blitz to the classic Amplitude, and if that turns out to be an accurate representation of the game I’m very much okay with that! Being released on August 28th on PSN and […]


Rock Band Blitz Release Date Announced

Harmonix has announced the release dates for Rock Band Blitz (or as we like to call it, because it uses a controller rather than instrument peripherals, Frequency 3/Amplitude 2). It arrives on the PlayStation Network on the 28th of August […]


Rock Band Blitz – No Rock Band 3 Disc Export

For those about to rock, we salute you. Some more information is coming out of the woodwork regarding Rock Band Blitz, the recently-announced next title from Harmonix.  The premise is a relatively simple one – you get to play a […]