Harmonix Breaks Out The Encore Set list In Rock Band 4

Get ready to dust off the plastic instruments from your garage and call your friends to get the band back together because Harmonix has announced RockBand 4 for next generation platforms. Partnering with peripheral manufacturer MadCatz the two companies will be bringing the rock star fantasy to an entirely new generation of consoles.

Alongside the physical and digital release of RB4 MadCatz will also be producing two additional bundles for those of us who don’t own any instruments. The Band In a Box includes the game, a plastic guitar, drumset and microphone. A Guitar Bundle which includes the game and a guitar, of course. No pricing or pre-order date for these bundles has been announced as of yet.

Some of the best news to come out of Harmonix is the fact that RB4 will be backwards compatible with all existing 2000 DLC songs from the previous generation provided you are upgrading within the same console family (eg. PS3 to PS4).  Rockband 4 will also be backwards compatible with existing peripherals from within the same console family. Now might be the time to scour craigslist for a used Rockband guitar before prices go up!

Rockband 4 is expected to launch on Xbox One and PS4 this fall.

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