Mechromancer Not The Only New Class Coming To Borderlands 2?

With the release of Borderlands 2 just a few short days ago, you would think the hype for this game is over. Wrong! Randy Pitchford, CEO & Executive Producer, has teased some more information about even more classes are a possiblity for Borderlands 2.

Here are a few thing that Randy Pitchford had to say in a Q&A:

“We created the ability in Borderlands 2 to add additional characters because we want to use that ability. ”

“The Mechromancer is the first one. I hope to do more. The success of the Mechromancer will help to define this. Our ambition and passion and our fans requests will also contribute to decision making about what we do.”

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“The stuff we’re planning and working on for the Campaign DLC Season Pass is big DLC stuff – more like Knoxx.” For those who’ve played the first Borderlands, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx was one of the biggest download for that game. Personally, I didn’t like all that driving around…but that’s just me.

“We’re extremely far along with the first campaign DLC. The second DLC is also in amazing shape. The third DLC is a little farther out and the fourth DLC is just in the pre-concept stages.”

“We will have other, non-season pass related DLC. The additional character (Mechromancer) is one kind of example. The Borderlands 2 team is fired up at the moment. Customer love for the game is driving us wild – making us want to do more and more stuff.”

“So, expect that there will be even more beyond the big Campaign DLC in the Season Pass and the additional character. We’ll announce more stuff as soon as we are able to be confident in the commitment of the details we share.”

Even more classes and  huge expansions. Sounds like the a game we will actually get our money’s worth for on the Season Pass.

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