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Mega Man 11 Confirmed For October 2nd Release With Physical Collector’s Edition

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

Capcom has confirmed that Mega Man 11 will release on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 2nd 2018.  

In the ‘pre-order trailer’ for Nintendo Switch we get several quick looks at various worlds that will be featured in Mega Man 11. In addition to the new gameplay footage the brand new ‘Power Gear’ is revealed – which allows the Blue Bomber to use a powerful overcharged blast. Another new power-up is the ‘Double Gear’ which empowers Mega Man to use two different power-ups at once. 

A physical Collector’s Edition, simply titled the Amiibo Edition, will also be released at GameStop in America. Amiibo Edition will include a brand new special edition Mega Man amiibo, a set of stickers anda physical copy of Mega Man 11. 

Here’s the game’s description as it appeared on Nintendo’s YouTube channel: 

“Mega Man is back! The newest entry in this iconic series blends classic, challenging 2D platforming action with a fresh new visual style. The new Double Gear system boosts Mega Man’s speed and power for a new twist to the satisfying gameplay the series is known for. “ 


The Blue Bomber Returns With The Announcement of Mega Man 11

Posted on December 5, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Capcom’s blue bomber will return late next year with the surprise announcement of Megan Man 11 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Sporting a striking modern visual style that sees Mega Man with a new slimmer profile, as well as an overhaul of the overall aesthetics of the long-running franchise. Gone are the NES style retro pixel style featured in Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. In their place is a visual style that marries the large proportion and colorful pallet of classic Mega Man games with current generation 3D graphics. 

Announced during the Mega Man 30th Live-Stream, MM11 isn’t the only new title staring Dr.Light’s greatest creation coming to the Nintendo Switch. The previously released Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will find their way to Nintendo’s first hybrid console.  Both of these collections will hit the Nintendo tablet in the Spring of 2018. Mega Man X, the futuristic SNES spin-off series will see all 8 titles in that franchise released on Switch sometime during Summer 2018.  

Also dropping next summer will be extensive details surrounding Mega Man 11 before the game is released during the second half of 2018. It seems that things just went from “Capcom has abandoned Mega Man” to “crank the hype level past 11” in the span of a single live stream. 

Check out the official trailer, official concept art and several HD screenshots in the media gallery below. 

Debut Trailer

Key Art


Concept Art

Image Source: Capcom PR / Video Source: Youtube


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