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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Switch coming to North America on August 28th

Nintendo announced today via social media that the hit Capcom game Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, known at Monster Hunter XX in Japan, is finally coming to North America. The game will be released for the Nintendo Switch in North America […]


War Pike Added To Online Monster Slaying Title Dauntless

Dauntless is an early access online monster slaying, title not unlike Capcom’s own Monster Hunter, series that offers players the chance to take down larger than life enemies using a variety of different weapons.   The War Pike is a brand-new weapon type coming to the game with this December’s Sharpen Your Skills update. As a […]


Monster Hunter Stories | Review

“When a monster strikes, the fearful hide, but the brave? They ride” So goes what should be the motto of all Hunters, young and old. Long time fans of the beloved Capcom franchise, Monster Hunter, might have been fearful at […]


Monster Hunter Stories | IMPRESSIONS

When I write these ‘Impressions’ posts about upcoming games they’re almost always based on a pre-release demo edition of a game. They’re meant to be somewhat of a preview of the game as usually demos give you a taste of […]


Monster Hunter Stories coming September 8th; demo out next week

Nintendo announced today that upcoming adventure game Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo 3DS family of systems launches on September 8th. And while there is no official word the accompanying amiibo will also likely be released at the same time. The […]


Monster Hunter Generations demo coming June 30th

Today Capcom announced a few new tidbits for the upcoming action RPG Monster Hunter Generations. First and foremost a demo will be making its way to 3DS systems prior to the July 15th launch date. Two weeks earlier a downloadable […]


The Monster Hunter Generations hunt begins July 15th

Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Generations will launch in North America on July 15th for the Nintendo 3DS. A NEW Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition also launches on the same day. The New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter […]


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Will Live Up To Its Name

While Capcom’s Monster Hunter games have always been praised more for their gameplay, rather than their graphics, it seems as though that’ll change for the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. MH3U will apparently be running in 1080p and supporting 5.1 channel sound, […]